SHR Trinity’s Sassy Senorita of Riverwood JH – Sassy

Sassy was born June 2, 2003 and was purchased as a birthday gift for me by my husband.  She was purchased from Riverwood Retrievers, which is owned by Paul and Angie Yates of Clayton, NC.  You can contact Paul or Angie at for more information on Sassy’s dam or for future breeding of Sommit Sweet Dancing Dolly JH (Dolly).  Dolly is the daughter of the only Chocolate National Field Champion – NFC AFC FC Storm’s Riptide Star (Rascal) - and Sommit Sweet Smilla Success MH (2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac  & FC AFC Carrolls Black Velvet).  Sassy's Sire is FC AFC High Tech CEO who was sired by Hall of Fame Retriever - 2X NAFC 2X CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac and whose dam was also a Hall of Fame Retriever NAFC FC Hattie McBunn. Sassy is CERF cleared on her eyes, OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows, normal patella, normal thyroid, normal heart, genetically cleared of carrying Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Central Nuclear Myopathy, EIC carrier and is DNA Profiled with the AKC, CKC & UKC.  Sassy has a littermate that had a Qualifying Jam and MH title at 22 months of age. Sassy earned her Started Hunting Retriever in 4 straight passes in the fall of 2006 however; she came into heat and had to be scratched from her AKC Junior Hunter tests, she has earned her JH title in 2008.  She was trained exclusively by my youngest daughter Tierra; Tierra was 16 years old when she did the training and handling of Sassy, Lottie, Mercy, Zoey and Gremlin in the summer / fall of ’06.  Tierra took it upon herself to take the girls out on our property every evening and work with them, as fall approached she and her Dad moved up to a nearby lake for longer, tougher terrain and retrieves.  Zoey and Mercy had to be scratched due to being in heat but she titled Sassy, Lottie & Gremlin all in straight passes.  Tierra had never helped me to train the dogs and learned from reading books and asking questions, she wanted to prove that she could do it without help.  By the way, Gremlin was trained in only 6 weeks and was titled at 6 months of age.

Sassy’s Sire is FC AFC High Tech CEO (Gates) – Gates was a Finalist in the ’03 & ‘05 National Open and qualified for the National Open in ‘01, 03, 04, 05 & 06 and the National Amateur in ’03 ,’04, ’05 & ‘06.  Gates was injured and did not compete in most of 2002; his injury was so extensive that most people wondered if he would ever compete again.  He not only has come back to style but also has surpassed his previous performance.  Gates is the product of the breeding of two Hall of Fame Retrievers, both of whom are NAFC titled.  Sire is 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCI HoF and Dam is NAFC FC Hattie McBunn HoF.  A List of Littermates for Gates would include 4 Field Champion – Amateur Field Champion Labs and 1 Field Champion, 1 bitch that was Qualified All-Age and died at an early age of accidental cause, all of whom are great dogs.  They are: FC AFC Tiger McBunn, FC AFC Dr. Feelgood VI, FC AFC Whitie IV, FC AFC M and M's Buns of Steel & FC Seven Come Eleven V. 

Sassy's Dam is Sommit Sweet Dancing Dolly JH - NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star (First and only chocolate NFC) x Sommits Sweet Smilla Success MH*** (littermate to FC AFC Bayou Bends Ebonstar Peg, FC Charlot's Black Lightning, FC Tootaloo Trudy, FC AFC Volwood's Mollie & CFC Waterborn's Queen Of The Nile)


Sassy’s name was given to her by Paul and Angie Yates as a nickname but the name suited her so well that we had to keep it.  When Sassy wants something  she talks to you in whines and  makes rather unusual noises, you can ask her what she wants and she will try to show you and if you don’t catch on she will talk to you even more.  She has become quite a conversationalist as she becomes more and more spoiled.  I think in a couple of generations of proper breeding and her line will be speaking English.


Sassy is an incredible girl whose incredible pedigree is evident in everything about her, her intelligence, her conformation and her disposition.  Sassy is eager to please and very easy to train.  Sassy is 70 lb. of energy and has to have something in her mouth at all times.  Sassy loves Jiff Peanut Butter but will not eat any of the other brands, she has learned how to twist off the lid to open the jar.  My husband has had to learn to keep the jar on a high shelf and not leave it on the counter.  (Pregnant females are food thiefs - watch your plate).  If you come to visit, you will be greeted by Sassy, who will be carrying a stick or something for you to throw.  Sassy knows no strangers, loves everyone and everyone that meets her loves her.  In the evening you will find Sassy sound asleep in my lap, worn out from her day of running and playing, snoring quietly or sometimes not so quietly.  Sassy is the great cuddlier who loves to sleep in our bed and lies so close I can’t move.  She puts her back against my back as if to say “I’ve got your back Mom.”  Sassy is so sweet and beautiful that it is an honor to have her in our lives and part of our family.  Sassy is especially special to me now that I have become disabled.  She and Lottie have taken to being my caretaker and have been trained to be respiratory and balance service dogs, the bond that is formed between a person and service animals is a bond that I never knew could exist.  It is as if they are able to read my physiology and my mind.  They alert me to pending asthma attacks, wake me when I pass out from loss of oxygen, give me balance to walk on uneven ground, and find safety for me if I have a panic attack.  They take better care of me than most humans could.


Hips LR-152434E24F-PI, Elbows Normal LR-EL27307F24-PI, Patella Normal LR-PA150/24F/P-PI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA1692/24F/P-PI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH186/24F-PI, CERF LR-39178 /’04 & ‘06, Genetically Cleared of Carrying Progressive Retinal Atrophy Optigen Accession #: 05-7526  and Central Nuclear Myopathy  LR-CNM05-129-F-PIV + DNA Profile V357997 Sassy is black and carries chocolate.


Sassy has 7 pups born April 06, 2009 with FC AFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder MH 5 black/chocolate factored males and 2 black/chocolate factored females (All chocolates are sold) - Ryder is the first and only Chocolate Labrador to win a double header as well as the first and only Chocolate Labrador National Amateur Finalist.   We kept a male out of their first litter together - HRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH as our very first male, my 17 year old daughter trained and titled him as a Junior Hunter at 6 months of age in 4 straight passes and as a HR at 10 months and 1 day, making him one of the 10 youngest chocolate Hunting Retrievers in the history of the UKC Hunting Retriever Club.  He earned his HRCH title at 17 months making him the 16th youngest chocolate HRCH in history, he earned his first master pass at 17 months and his 6 pass (skipped Senior) and MH title at 2 years and 10 days


All names in the pedigrees are links to a page with additional information about all dogs in the pedigree.   Click on each name for additional details.



Every name in the pedigree is a link to a page containing all of the information I could find on that dog.

Sassy's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree Here


Sassy was bred in Aug. 07 with CFC CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force, history's all time high point open field trial chocolate Labrador.  Magnum passed away in 2000 and we are thrilled that Sassy was picked to be the mother of his pups.  Magnum's owner is taking the first two picks for himself.  Magnum's highlights include


Sassy & TierraSassy & Tierra Going To The LineSassy & Tierra In The BlindSassy, Water SeriesSassy when she cut her pawWalk UpSassy is on the mark!!Melody with Lottie cleanings Sassy's ears, and Lacey cleaning Lottie's earsSassy, Son Rip and GremlinDan & Sassy at Junior Hunt Test