Pre Titles: FC AFC CFC
Name: Trieven Thunderhead
Post Titles:  '74 NDC HoF
Registration #: SB151286
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: 06/18/1972
Hip Certification: LR-3878
Accomplishments: Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Canadian Field Champion, National Open & Amateur Finalist, '74 National Derby Champion, Hall of Fame Retriever, 1 Titled Sibling, 40 Titled Offspring, Sired by FC AFC Air Express HoF (21 Titled Offspring, 5 Titled Siblings), Sire of '84 NFC AFC Wanapum's Lucyana Girl
Thunderhead was from a litter bred by June Mattson and became Trieven Kenels foundation sire. He had 37 Derby Points, two Qualifying Stakes wins by 20 Months, placed In 2 Amateur All Age Stakes, and Jammed an Open by 23 Months. Thunderhead qualified for two National Opens, four National Amateurs, and was a finalist in both in 1978. All-Age points were 57.5 for the Open and 50.5 for the Amateur. Plus enough points in for his Field Championship in Canada.
Sire of 40 titled dogs and among the more notable producing at least 4 titled dogs were AFC-CFC-CAFC Jay of Little Llano, FC-AFC-CFC Big River Dago, FC-AFC Sundee's Texas Thunderburr, and for her performance NFC-AFC Wanapum's Lucyana Girl.
Sex: Male
Color: Black

FC AFC CFC Trieven Thunderhead '74 NDC HoF