Pre Titles: 68 NFC '67 & 68 NAFC FC AFC
Name: Super Chief
Post Titles: HoF
Registration #: SA-153347
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: 06/27/1962
Hip Certification: LR-51
Accomplishments: National Field Champion, 2X National Amateur Field Champion, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Hall of Fame Retriever, 3X Double Header Winner, 4 Titled Siblings, Sire of FC AFC Air Express HoF, 75NFC 76NAFC CNFC Wanapum's Dart Dandy. 78 CNFC FC Wanapum's Dart Garbo & Super Powder HoF***, Sire of '77 NFC AFC Euroclydon, Dual CH AFC Royal Oaks Jill of Burgundy, Dual CH Shamrock Acres Super Drive, Carried Yellow, 38 Titled Offspring
Sex: Male
Color: Black Carrying Yellow