Pre-Titles GMHR
Name: Ramers Instant Cash Machine
Post Titles: MH
Registration #: SR089283/04
Date of Birth:  
Health Certifications: Excellent Hips LR-157122E30M-PI, Normal Elbows LR-EL29598M30-PI, CERF LR-44891, PRA & CNM Clear, EIC Carrier
DNA: AKC DNA #V421583
Accomplishments: Grand Master Hunter, Master Hunter, Cash is 70 pounds of rippling 
muscle that can and does go all day in the field, with a calm, friendly 
demeanor out of the field. He comes from a long line of producing retrievers 
and has himself sired many fine working offspring with multiple titles. Cash's 
record in Bird Dog Challenges is top notch. Cash is OFA hips excellent, 
elbows normal, CERF, PRA & CNM clear, EIC carrier. 
OFA link click here
Sex: Male
Color: Yellow