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Sirena and Miracle Feb 03Melody, Mira and SassyTrinity's Miranda Lynn MiraclesTrinity's Miranda Lynn Miracles

Trinity's Miranda Lynn Miracle

June 23, 2003 - Oct. 2, 2004

This is a portrait commissioned by Trinity Labrador Retrievers, painted by an extremely talented artist; Amy Podojil and titled "Forever Miracle".  Amy lives in the Cleveland, OH area, is an owner of a pup from my Zoey (We traded Pup for Painting ), a pup from my Lottie and is also a treasured friend.  This painting is cherished by the entire family.  Thanks Amy!! 

Amy does commissioned Portraits at a very reasonable price and custom framing for each piece if requested.  Amy's framing is a work of art in itself.  Below Mira's portrait is a portrait of FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH by Amy and many of her other pieces.  Amy may be contacted at 

Click on the thumbnail images below for larger view of the paintings by Amy.  "The Roses" Painting was owned by my youngest daughter; Tierra, until it was lost in our house fire the fall of 2008, the "Hunter at sunrise" is owned by my husband Dan, "Grandma Molly" is Miracle's mother and our original English bitch, "Brother Louie" is my Mom & Dad's Cairn Terrier and my little brother :)

Miracle was poisoned by person/persons unknown when she was 6 months old, there was poison boxes found that had been thrown into the yard from the road.  Miracle was found and rushed to the veterinarian and Dr. Val was able to save her life but not before her kidneys were terribly damaged.  Miracle remained pretty healthy with special vegetarian kidney diet and IV fluids that I administered twice daily to help flush her kidney.  She spent her last night just like she spent just about every other night cuddled up next to me in the bed and died quietly, without complaint.  She will always be my "Forever Miracle".

Original Painting of Mira - Painted by Amy Podojil

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 Molly Miranda BlackstoneFC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MHBrother LouiePucci - Commissioned PortraitHunter Silhouette

Bamboo - Commissioned PaintingLittle Pete - Commissioned PortraitPencil Drawing done early in Amy's career - Reese & Riley DrawingChase Therapy Dog - Commissioned PortraitCan of Flowers

Island Marada Sunset"Days End"Adobe HouseLilli Houdini

Original Christmas Card Painting by AmyRoses grown and Painted by Amy - Owned by TierraChurch at Christmas Painting

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