Pre Titles: 
Name:Little Misty Of Tulsa
Post Titles:***
Registration #:SE461917
Date of Birth:Sep 1 1985
Health Certifications:LR-33523G49F, CERF LR-5171
Accomplishments:Qualified All-Age, 3 Titled Offspring, 3 Titled Siblings, Carried Yellow, Sired by FC AFC '88 CNAFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic '82 NDC HoF (6 Titled Offspring, 5 Titled Siblings Including FC AFC Hiwood Clincher (13 Titled Offspring)), Dam: FC Ebony Comet's Misty (5 Titled Offspring, 2 Titled Siblings, Sired by AFC Westwinds Pedro (14 Titled Offspring), Dam: Wanapum's Ebony Comet ***(4 Titled Offspring, 3 Titled Siblings))