Pre Titles:FC AFC
Name:Fordland's Bored Out Ford
Post Titles:HoF
Registration #:SN442591/08
Date of Birth:04/12/1997
Hip Certification:LR-97161G24M-T, EIC Carrier
Accomplishments:Inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame 2011 - The same year as his death. Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Earned both FC & AFC Titles at age 2 - Youngest Dog to ever earn both titles. 2002 High Point Amateur Dog - 43 Points, 18 Titled Offspring, 8 Titled Siblings including '03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton, Sired by 2X NAFC - 98 & 99 CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX History's All-Time Best Sire Of Field Titled Labrador Retrievers (156+ Titled Offspring)
Color:Black Carrying Yellow

FC AFC Fordland Bored Out Ford