Pre-Titles '09 NAFC FC
Name: Barton Creek's O Mustad
Post Titles:  
Registration #: SN807649/08
Date of Birth: 02-02-01
Health Certifications: Hips LR-132756G26M-NOPI (Good), Elbows  LR-EL38155M84-VPI. EIC Carrier LR-41084, CNM Clear
DNA: AKC DNA #V343569
Accomplishments: National Amateur Field Champion, Field Champion, Open 2ND, 4TH a d 4 JAMS In 2004 As 3 Year Old.Opem 1ST,2ND,2 3RDS,2 4THS,RJ AND 2 JAMS In 2005. ,2006 Open Win and AM Win.
Sex: Male
Color: Black Carrying Chocolate

NAFC FC Barton Creek's O Mustad2009 NAFC FC-AFC Barton Creek's O Mustad and Loren Morehouse. An oil.:  photo 2D9DCE48-F3AF-499B-8C33-0A85C5069263_zpshxy4inyq.jpg