Pre Titles:FC AFC 89 CNAFC CFC
Name: Aces High III
Post Titles: HoF '87 NDC
Registration #: SE-560536
Country: USA
DOB: 12/12/1985
Hip Certification: LR-26588G
DNA: #V24033
AccomplishmentsRetriever Hall of Fame, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, 1989 Canadian National Amateur Field Champion, Canadian Field Champion, Purina Award winner, 87 National Derby Champion 75 Pts., Died 12/14/00 Age 15+ 2 days, 1992 High Point Open Dog 29 Pts & 1989 - 33 Pts, 1995 High Point Amateur Dog 32 pt., 16 Titled Offspring Including 1993 CNFC CAFC Call Me Mister Independence (12 Titled Offspring) - 1994 CNAFC FC Free Trade (3 Titled Offspring) & '97NFC AFC Lucyana's Fast Willie '92NDC (3 Titled Offspring), 4 Titled Siblings, Sired by FC AFC Snake Eyes-Double Or Nothin' HoF (23 Titled Offspring), Dam: FC AFC Westwind's Super Bunny Babe '85 NDC (5 Titled Offspring, 1 Titled Sibling) Sired by '82 NFC AFC Supernova Chief (7 Titled Offspring)
Sex: Male
Color: Black Carrying Chocolate and Yellow

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