SHR Lil Rajah’s Black Dawn JH - Zoey


AKC & UKC Registered Black Labrador retriever: SHR Lil Rajah’s Black Dawn JH – she is the daughter of  history's all-time high point derby dog - 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac (Hall of Fame Retriever) & Thomas W. Merrit Trophy winner - Best Sire of Labrador Retrievers 2000 - 2010.  Mac has sired more Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion Offspring than any other Labrador in history, and the number is still increasing.  Currently he has over 142 FC AFC CFC CAFC NFC NAFC CNFC CNAFC titled Offspring and numerous others that are titled in the UKC, CKC, & other registries.

List of Thomas W Merrit Trophy Winners - An Annual Award To The Outstanding Sire of Field Trial Retrievers

Zoey’s Dam is Copperhead's Touch of Honey  FC/AFC Webshire’s Honest Abe (Hall of Fame Retriever)  X Radar's Image Samantha (littermate to FC AFC Esprit Go For Broke and Ottercreek Sky Watch Kelly - who is mother of 2001 CNAFC CFC FC Sonar and CFC CAFC Scanner (Zip)) and daughter of FC AFC Sky Watch Radar X FC AFC Ottercreek's Ms Magee Mcgee


Zoey is a littermate to FC AFC Skywatch Like A Rock, he qualified for the National Amateurs 2006 & 2007 but did not run & a HRCH UH titled female that earned 200 points by the age of 2.  Her elbow number LR-EL18329F43-PI, her Thyroid number LR-TH151/43F-PI, her CERF number LR-34798,  Patella LR-PA117/43F/P-PI, CNM non-carrier LRCNM06- and her DNA profile #V317747 AKC # SN800176/10 UKC #R161-077, PennHip, Zoey is sweet tempered and a great mom, Zoey is tall and elegant looking and the pups from the first litter are beautiful and doing great.  Zoey’s 1st litter consisted of 15 pups (1 stillborn male – 14 doing great) 6 males & 8 females.   Zoey's 2nd litter was with Way-Da-Go Ready To Play MH *** (FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky X AFC Oprah Win-For-Me) - Coach and consists of 8 males and 4 females.  Zoey does not carry any coat colors, therefore all Zoey's pups are black.


Zoey is high drive, great marking, highly intelligent and easily trained.  She and my daughter Tierra won Advanced Obedience and Agility at the County fair and could have competed in the State Fair when Tierra was 14 and now that Tierra is training with Zoey again she has blossomed and does anything and everything that Tierra asks her to do.  Zoey is used to teach the younger dogs and is great with the young ones, even the ones that aren’t hers.  Tierra worked with her the last half of the summer of ’06.  Zoey was scheduled to compete for her UKC Seasoned Hunter title and her AKC Senior Title being trained and handled by my 16 year old daughter.  However, just the day before her first test she came into heat and we decided to breed her instead.  Zoey is already titled as a Started Hunting Retriever in the UKC and a Junior Hunter in the AKC but that does not come close to telling how talented and easy to train that she is.  Zoey has had an injury to her right hip that has healed well but keeps her from being OFA hips certified and competing.  However, she has healed quite well and it does not affect her in any way for normal activities.  She is sweet natured, loves to cuddle and please you.  Zoey loves the bed and whenever she gets into my room she jumps up on the bed and rolls over onto her back and rubs her back all over the bed.  She once fell off the bed during this ritual because she didn’t realize that she was so close to the edge.  Zoey is the tallest Labrador that I own and is quite elegant looking.  Her first litter of pups is some of the best looking, and easily trained pups that I have ever bred (Her daughter Lacey was trustworthy to be left alone in the house unconfined at 6 months of age without getting into anything or having any accidents for several hours at a time – only loss one shoe).  They were born Nov. 2, 2005.


Retrieving and pleasing us is what Zoey lives for, she is one incredible dog that has overcome many obstacles and yet still just loves being alive and with us.  We have to rotate our girls in and out of the house in order to let all of them have turns.  When it is Zoey’s turn to be in the house she will hardly go out to even use the bathroom because she is afraid that she will be going back to the kennel.  She loves being with us and loves to cuddle.  She lies with her head on my waist during the night and won’t make a move for fear that she will lose her bed privileges.  Of course she is in second heaven when she comes in heat and goes to be bred; she is in the house from the time that she comes into heat until after the pups are weaned.  The whole family watches over the pups and mother to make sure that all is going well, this is the case with every litter that is born to Trinity Labs.  Zoey has even been to visit her daughter Lacey and they are the best of friends.  I have wonderful pictures of them playing tug of war.  Zoey is really gentle and intuitive with her pups and was quite relieved to find out that they were still okay after leaving here.  Zoey is black and carries no colors so all her pups will be black.  References are available on request from her 1st  and 2nd litter of pups.


Zoey was bred on Nov. 17th, 07 with FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH - Ryder is deceased but was owned by Charles Tyson and more information is available at Pups will be born in mid January and will be ready to go Mid March 08.  All pups will be black carrying chocolate.


Every name in the pedigree is a link to a page containing all of the information I could find on that dog.

Zoey’s 5 Generation Pedigree With Details

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Zoey X FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH Pups Pedigree

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