HRCH Trinity's God Of Thunder MH CGC - Thor

Son of Hall Of Fame Retriever - Fox Red Carrying Black and Chocolate

Thor is the Son of our HRCH UH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper MH CGC (NFC AFC HR Dewey's Drake Of Moon Rivers x Lilli Houdini) and FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF. Ford earned his FC and AFC Title by the age of 2, earned 204 All-Age Points and was inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame in 2011; the same year as his death at 14 Years Old.  1999 Derby List, 2001 #5 Amateur Dog, 2002 Purina Outstanding Amateur Dog, Ford was the 2002 High Point Amateur Dog with 43 Points, '02 National Amateur Finalist, Double-Header Winner, Qualified For 13 Nationals, 18 Titled Offspring, 8 Titled Siblings including '03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton, Sired by 2X NAFC - 98 & 99 CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX HoF History's All-Time Best Sire Of Field Titled Labrador Retrievers (158+ Titled Offspring).Thor, nicknamed Thorable, is by far the lovey-est boy we have ever had. In the car, if he is not in a lap, he is not happy. He leans his head against your arm and stares at you with his big puppy eyes until you give in and hold him for a while. In the house he is very easy going, and can often be found on the couch with Rush or Nixie, chewing on a bone, or playing with a tug rope in the floor. He also very much loves his Mommy Gremlin and adopted Daddy Rip, and is constantly cleaned and loved on by both of them.

In the field, Thor is a rocket, despite his generally quiet demeanor in training he becomes a different dog at tests. Once he knows that there are birds involved and not just silly bumpers, he comes alive. Where in training he may lope to pick up a bumper or run a blind, at a Hunt Test, he flies. The field trial bloodline comes out and he lays his whole body out and races as fast as he can to retrieve that duck and return to heel so that he can go get the next one. And of course, as soon as you leave the line, he will flop over onto his back and demand a good belly rub for his efforts. And then when back in the car, wet or not, he wants to climb in your lap and be loved on and praised for what he did. Thor is often referred to as "Sneaky, Sneaky, Ninja Belly Crawler" because you will look at him one minute and he will be chewing grass and the next time you look he will be 10 feet from his previous spot and acting like he hasn't moved a muscle.

Thor accomplishments include:

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Every Name in every Pedigree is a link to a page containing all of the information that I could find on a dog including titles, accomplishments, titled offspring, titled siblings, health certifications, coat colors carried, parentage, some contain photos as well, etc. There are 63 dogs in each 5 generation Pedigree. You will also find under "Meet The Girls" 5 Generation Pedigrees for Thor's mother HRCH UH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JH, his Grandmother Lilli Houdini & His Great Grandmother Molly Miranda Blackstone.  On the Sires Side You will Find Under "Meet The Boys" 5 Generation Pedigrees for Thor's Sire FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford, Thor's Grandsires 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX HoF and NFC AFC HR Dewey's Drake Of Moon Rivers.  In other words I have researched 100s of dogs in the production of Phoenix & Thor.

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