The Blast's Fisticuffs MH - Gypsy

The Blast's Fisticuffs MH ** - Gypsy

There is an incredible story to tell about how we came to have Gypsy in our lives; it starts with a phone call from a Pro-Trainer named Mike Vaught for my daughter Tierra, who is also a Pro-trainer. Mike had seen Tierra's dog Ribbon listed in a Double Master in North Dakota and he had signed up Gypsy but something had come up and he figured that he could get Tierra to run her for him. Unbeknownst to Mike Tierra had agreed to allow her Dad, Dan to sign Ribbon up for the Double Master because she was a member of a wedding party and could not run her herself. Dan is not a very experienced handler but has been a back seat handler for just about every hunt test our daughter has ever competed in and been her bird thrower for multiple years so he has picked up quite a bit. Dan told Mike exactly what he had told Tierra "A chance with me is better than no chance at all if you don't run them" Mike agreed and Dan made arrangements to pick Gypsy on Thursday in Wisconsin on his way to the Dakota test which started on Friday. Dan and Gypsy passed the first Master and made it through the 3rd series in the second Master test as did Ribbon; neither dog earned the trip to the Master National but considering that Gypsy had never ever been ran by Dan and had barely met him before the tests we were extremely impressed, that couple with the fact that Ribbon was 15 Months old at the time makes it doubly impressive for Dan and the dogs.

Dan fell so in love with Gypsy that he had Mike Vaughn give him the contact information for the owner of Gypsy so that we could reserve a female from a litter that was not even planned yet. We bought Skully in February 2015 and a couple of months later Mike called and told us that Gypsy's owner was selling her. I had never seen Dan fall for a dog the way he had Gypsy so I made him buy her for the family. Gypsy is a big Mommy's Girl as well a Daddy's girl and is so loving and sweet. Gypsy has captured the hearts of a lot of people in and out of this family that have seen thousands of Labrador Retrievers. There is something so very special for a girl who can in one year Qualify for the Master National, Pass the Master National and get a Reserve JAM in her one and only Qualifying Stake to Date. Gypsy has been standing in for my Lotta Miracles who is approaching 12 years old as my service dog as well and has stayed at a Casino Hotel and a Four Star Hotel with me with nothing but high praise. She does not switch from her happy demeanor as automatic doors, elevators, etc. go about their business around her. Gypsy is a once in a lifetime dog and I am truly blessed to say that she is blessing our family.

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