SHR Trinity's Riptide Raz Ma Taz JH CGC TDI


SHR Trinity's Riptide Raz Ma Taz JH CGC TDI

Taz is full sibling to HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH MNH CGC TDI - Rush

Rush was from Rip's very first breeding and we had not intended to keep a pup from this litter but it seemed to be God's plan that we do so.  With only one pup, we all grew extremely attached very quickly and it soon became clear that she was not going anywhere. As the daughter of the alpha male and female it seems she is already being groomed for ascent to the throne of our pack.


In the spring of 2010 Tierra decided that she would like to begin competing in Upland Hunt Tests, so she started training Rush and Taz's father Rip, Gremlin, & Rush.  All three dogs passed 4 tests to achieve their titles and Rush became the very youngest Upland Hunter in UKC history and very youngest Chocolate Labrador and youngest female UH.   Right away, Tierra switched gears and began preparing her for the Hunt Test season, where she would be competing for her Hunting Retriever title. She obtain her HR in 4 of 5 tests at 8 months of age making her the 3rd youngest HR in UKC history! After receiving her HR title, Rush went into training for Finished tests. She ran in Finished when she was only 9 months old and obtained her first pass on Sunday May 2nd, 2010 at Ohio River HRC. The following weekend she passed both tests at Music City HRC at 10 months old. Rush completed her title at Kansas City HRC with two straight passes at 10 months 2 weeks of age.  Rush earned her 1st Master Hunter Pass at 11 Months Old and her 2nd Master Hunter Pass at 14 Months, both passes were earned at Master National Hunt Tests. We stopped running tests for the Winter of 2010 and restarted in Spring of 2011. Rush finished out her Master title at 22 months and qualified for the Master National at 23 Months. Before the age of 4 Rush had passed 32 Master Hunter tests and Qualified for 3 Master Nationals.


After the amazing accomplishments of Rush we were all clear that my husband would keep a female out of the second litter. Taz was the lightest chocolate in the litter and normally that would be a con for my husband and I as we prefer the darker chocolate in general but from day 1 Taz was the pup that drew everyone's attention. She was the most outgoing of the litter, the most curious, she never seemed to be bothered by new situations and yet no matter what she was doing she would be willing to stop and give you some loving if you wanted. Taz spends most of her time as my husband Dan's second truck dog and so has not had the dedicated training that Tierra would give one of her own dogs or a client dog. Dan, with Tierra's help has done the training and running of Taz. Taz is his second dog to run in Started and Junior Hunt Tests and as of yet he has never ran anything above that. Tierra has taken him under her wing a bit but with a full time job and a kennel it is hard for Dan to find the dedicated time. Taz never forgets what she has learned and as testified to by the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International titles has an excellent temperament in any situation. Taz is a great marker, working on handling drills, force to pile, doubles, etc for next seasons test. We will be starting 2013 with UKC testing and then move to the AKC to qualify dogs for the Master National. Dan would have to improve a lot as a handler and trainer to get her through her Master Title but as many tests as we have watched I am sure he has picked up a thing or two.


Taz has a happy go lucky attitude about life, loves to train as well as test, she is very steady on the line but like Rush she shoots off the line and returns at the same turbo charged pace. Taz is slightly larger than Rush but that is probably a plus. Taz is 60 lbs of pure muscle. Taz has a lush thick coat that makes you want to run your fingers through it. Taz is a special girl from two very special parents that make great babies together.


OFA LR-200770G26F-VPI Hips, LR-EL56895F26-VPI Elbows, CERF LR-347911, LR-CA6179/26F/P-VPI Cardiac, LR-PA587/26F/P-VPI Patella, EIC and CNM Clear, CHIC R85957, LR-TH600/26F-VPI Thyroid Normal


Taz's 5 Generation Interactive Pedigree

Taz's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree