Trinity’s Heaven Bound - Skylar

Skylar was born May 1, 2005 and was bred by Kathy Strong of Piddle Creek Kennel in Barronette, WI.  Skylar’s Father is Farron’s Moses Parts the Water SH – Moses – Moses is the son of NFC FC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star and Am – Can CH MHR Ruthless Ruthie MH WCX CD, Ruthie was the very first AKC Chocolate MH her son BISS CH Blazing Brently MH  CDX  was the first male Chocolate CH MH.  Ruthis has an incredible English Pedigree from outstanding lines.   Skylar has an amazing build for such a small female.  Skylar’s mother is the daughter of Hall of Fame Retriever - 2X NAFC 2X CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX  X the daughter of ‘94 NFC Candlewood’s Raisa Ruckus – Braveheart Ebonstar Contessa - Tessa who is littermate to FC Luetchs Fools Gold and a really sweet and beautiful lab.

Skylar is only 60 lbs but it is solid muscle.  I call Skylar my itty bitty, big dog because she is onethe smallest Labrador that I own however, she is built like a bear - solid muscle and large powerful chest, and has the drive to go with that build.  Skylar’s size is a great feature for small, tight duck blind areas or for lifting her out of the water into a boat.  Also, Skylar’s smaller size allows her to work for longer periods without it becoming a strain on her joints.  Skylar is very obedient and biddable and loves to walk at my side even when the other dogs are playing.  Skylar hates to be more than a couple of feet from me at any time, which is a huge advantage for Upland hunting.  She is very sweet natured and thinks that she is a lap dog. Skylar is very attached to us here in OH and we are very attached to her. 

Hips LR-168237G24F-PI, Elbows Normal LR-EL35425F24-PI, Patella Normal LR-PA234/24F/P-PI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA2537/24F/P-PI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH278/24F-PI, CERF, Genetically Cleared of Carrying Central Nuclear Myopathy  LR-CNM05-129-F-PIV, Genetically Cleared of Carrying EIC LR-EIC860/43F-VPI + DNA Profile # V497916.  Skylar is Tri-factored black; meaning she carries yellow and chocolate.  AKC SR28025601, UKC R186-363

Skylar's 5 Generation Pedigree  

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Skylar's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree

Skylar - Too Close UpSkylar With First LitterSkylar - My Little Bear