UH HRCH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH CGC - Rush

Rush was born 07/08/09 to HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC x SHR Trinity's Lotta Miracles CGC.  Rush is Rip's very first pup and is the product of a one pup litter. This happened because Rip and Lottie did not get a tie as it was Rip's first experience with breeding.  One pup litters are extremely rare because the female can seldom maintain enough progesterone to keep the pup from being reabsorbed.  Also, there is not usually enough hormone secreted to induce labor in the bitch and the pup has to be taken by c-section.  Rush is a miracle on both these fronts because after an entire night of hard labor Lottie managed to birth Rush naturally. (This was the one and only time Rush was not in a hurry).  Two days after her birth, she had to be placed on a diet, and her time with her mother had to be limited because, with no competition for milk, Rush was at risk for gaining weight too quickly. Lottie is a stupendous mother, and doted on Rush ceaselessly, and would not even allow Rush to crawl across the whelping box to seek out milk. Instead she would position Rush correctly, or move herself to make it easier for Rush.  When I became clear the diet was not enough, Rush was placed on a exercise regimen to keep her from getting so big that her legs would go to the side instead of under her (This phenomenon is called a "Walrus Pup"). 


We had not intended to keep a pup from this litter but it seemed to be God's plan that we do so.  With only one pup, we all grew extremely attached very quickly and it soon became clear that she was not going anywhere. As the daughter of the alpha male and female it seems she is already being groomed for ascent to the throne of our pack.


Since her birth, Rush has been doted on by everyone in our family, and she soon became known as "Evil Baby Rush". This had nothing to do with her temperament, as she is a very friendly and sweet pup. She is, however, the undisputed champ of bath invading. There have been many occasions where her mommy Tierra was enjoying a bubble bath only to be interrupted by fifty pounds of squirming chocolate lab. She particularly enjoys the jets and bubbles, and often lounges in the tub long after the original inhabitant has gotten out. She also is a bed invader, and if she is not in a crate at night, she is in the bed, often residing on top of the legs of whatever human she's decided to sleep with.


In the spring of 2010 Tierra decided that she would like to begin competing in Upland Hunt Tests, so she started training her father Rip, Gremlin, & Rush.  All three dogs passed 4 tests to achieve their titles and Rush became the very youngest Upland Hunter in UKC history and very youngest Chocolate Labrador and youngest female UH.   Right away, Tierra switched gears and began preparing her for the Hunt Test season, where she would be competing for her Hunting Retriever title. She obtain her HR in 4 of 5 tests at 8 months of age making her the 3rd youngest HR in UKC history!


After receiving her HR title, Rush went into training for Finished tests. She ran in Finished when she was only 9 months old and obtained her first pass on Sunday May 2nd, 2010 at Ohio River HRC. The following weekend she passed both tests at Music City HRC at 10 months old. Rush completed her title at Kansas City HRC with two straight passes at 10 months 2 weeks of age.  Rush earned her 1st Master Hunter Pass at 11 Months Old and her 2nd Master Hunter Pass at 14 Months, both passes were earned at Master National Hunt Tests. We stopped running tests for the Winter of 2010 and restarted in Spring of 2011. Rush finished out her Master title at 22 months!


Despite her forcibly imposed diet as a baby, Rush has grown up quite nicely, and is a compact, muscular 55lb Labrador. While she is not yet done growing, we don't expect her to get much bigger. This would not hurt anyone's feelings as Rush has developed a trick, where if asked "Bird?" in an inviting tone, she will run and launch herself into the waiting arms. Tierra taught her this trick at 4 months old, and it has become a favorite. In fact, living up to the "Evil" title, she often "Birds" without an invitation, often when the recipient is still half asleep.


Rush is an extremely talented dog and went 3 series in her first Master National at 26 months old and is Qualified for the Nationals again in 2012.


Rush's 5 Generation Interactive Pedigree

Rush's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree

UH Trinity's Riptide River RushUH Trinity's Riptide River Rush

UH Trinity's Riptide River RushUH Trinity's Riptide River Rush

UH Trinity's Riptide River RushUH Trinity's Riptide River Rush

UH Trinity's Riptide River RushUH Trinity's Riptide River Rush

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