SHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes JH - Phoenix

SHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes - Phoenix

Phoenix is an extremely sweet and gentle girl, but she certainly has the drive when you get her to the line.  Phoenix belongs to Sirena, my oldest daughter and current Law School student.  Sirena had never trained a dog until Phoenix and she does it to help relax from the rigors of Law School.  Sirena titled Phoenix as a SHR at West Central Ohio HRC test on Sat. April 24, 2010. Phoenix was capable of doing the tests at a younger age but due to a strained ACL she had to be kept to very limited activity for nearly a year, and every time she got out of your sight she would take off at full speed and make a mad dash for the pond and then not want to come out because she needed to burn off the energy.  She would be holding up her leg afterward and you had to start all over.  Phoenix loves to run all out, she flattens her body completely out and just runs like the wind.  This past winter Phoenix's Grand Mother Lilli Houdini gave her yearly ice busting course where she throws her chest up onto the ice and beats it with her feet until it breaks away.  Phoenix and all the other younger dogs broke through the ice until they had an area to play in and they played until I made them come in.  Cold water is definitely not a problem for this bloodline.  Phoenix is the daughter of our HRCH UH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper MH CGC (NFC AFC HR Dewey's Drake Of Moon Rivers x Lilli Houdini) and FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF; Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011 the same year of his death..  Ford was the 2002 High Point Amateur Dog with 43 Points, 18 Titled Offspring, 8 Titled Siblings including '03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton, Sired by 2X NAFC - 98 & 99 CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX History's All-Time Best Sire Of Field Titled Labrador Retrievers (153 Titled Offspring) - Phoenix is from an incredible bloodline and exhibits the traits of this fact. She is the Great Granddaughter of Molly Miranda Blackstone who was from an English line that had been bred to be Drug/Bomb, K9 Cops, Search & Rescue Dogs and she had an amazing conformation from the English Champions in her back ground..  Molly is "the mother" of all the pups born at Trinity Labs if you were to ask her opinion.  She plays with all of the pups, will try to get in the whelping box to allow them to nurse on her,  she helps teach all of the pups born here at nearly 13 years of age.  Phoenix has that same type of temperament, she is even more intelligent, has incredible scent tracking ability & the gentleness of a Service or Assistance Dog.

Phoenix, fondly called Nixie, is a fox red yellow, and displays a good blend of the stockier hunt test lines, and the lithe, lean field trial lines. A voracious eater, her tastes run from Grandma Lilli's senior food to Mommy's bowl of blackberries. She is a sweet girl, who is never found more than a few feet from Mommy Sirena's lap. Because of the many months of leash walking and laser therapy to treat the tear to her ACL, she has bonded to Sirena in a way not often seen in a dog so young. In fact, it is a rare occasion that Sirena even manages to shower without Nixie peeking under the shower curtain to make sure the shower monster hasn't gotten Mommy. Phoenix is also the eternal good sport. Aunt Tierra discovered that when you rub her jowls, there is a spot on either side of her jaw that compels her to curl her lips up and show all her teeth. Dan has nicknamed her Elvis because of this face.

And while HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH CGC is undoubtedly the reigning Princess of the Trinity Labs Pack, there is little doubt that Nixie is the Duchess. As soon as she is in the car, she lays on top of Grandma Lilli or Great Grandma Molly and goes to sleep. Neither of them complain, despite the fact that she is nearly as big as they are. She has done this since she was seven weeks old and went on her first car ride, and to this day she will not ride anyplace but on top of one of her ancestors, sleeping soundly. Grandma Lilli growls whenever Rush comes near her but she never say a thing when it is Phoenix or her littermate Thor - HR Trinity's God Of Thunder SH owned by Tierra.

While Nixie got a later start in the Hunt Test game than many of our dogs, she still achieved her SHR at sixteen months of age in four straight passes. Her drive is incredible, and the biggest issue Sirena has had is holding on to her long enough to get to the line. Though once she is at that bucket, Phoenix is glued to Sirena's leg at heel, even with the lead off, as she knows she is there to retrieve. Tierra is currently training Sirena to be able to take Nixie through Seasoned this Fall, so check back often for the continued progress of SHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes JH (Phoenix) and her first time trainer Sirena. Sirena will be attending her final year of Law School beginning the Summer of 2010 with her concentration in Child Advocacy, Adoption, & Prosecution of crimes against children.  We wish her the best of luck in both endeavors and we are extremely proud of her. Phoenix's Health Clearances: OFA Hips Good LR-194167G32F-VPI, Elbows Normal LR-EL51950F32-VPI, Patella Normal LR-PA480/32F/P-VPI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA5242/32F/P-VPI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH536/32F-VPI, EIC Clear LR-EIC873/1F-VPI, CNM Clear, CERF, prcd-PRA Clear, RD/OSD Clear Optigen Accession #: 11-9304

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Every Name in every Pedigree is a link to a page containing all of the information that I could find on a dog including titles, accomplishments, titled offspring, titled siblings, health certifications, coat colors carried, parentage, some contain photos as well, etc. There are 63 dogs in each 5 generation Pedigree. You will also find under "Meet The Girls" 5 Generation Pedigrees for Phoenix's mother HRCH UH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper MH CGC, her Grandmother Lilli Houdini & Her Great Grandmother Molly Miranda Blackstone.  On the Sires Side You will Find Under "Meet The Boys" 5 Generation Pedigrees for Phoenix's Sire FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF, Phoenix's Grandsires 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX HoF and NFC AFC HR Dewey's Drake Of Moon Rivers.  In other words I have researched 100s of dogs in the production of Phoenix & Thor.


SHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes - PhoenixSHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes - PhoenixSHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes - PhoenixSHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes - Phoenix