Trinity’s Angel of Mercy - Mercy

 Trinity's Angel Of Mercy

Trinity’s Angel of Mercy – Mercy was born in our home on Feb. 11, 2004 on my youngest daughter Tierra's birthday and is the daughter of Tierra’s Cocoa Christy (Tierra's First Labrador)  and FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH (Cuda) - Most Titled Chocolate Labrador Retriever in History!

Mercy was bred in 2006 With Steelshot's Classic Roadster MH and she had just 2 pups on Dec. 14th, 2006 - the first pup Strickland's Steelshot Trinity MH - D O G - earned his 6th pass and Master Hunter Title on Sept. 26 & 27, 2009 at 2 years and 9 months of age.  He passed 6 of 8 tests and went to the last series on the two tests that he didn't pass.  The second pup is Steelshot's Ram Tuff JH - Dodge and he will be running in Master Tests with Peggy Ramsey (Chevy's Owner) down south Fall 2009.

Some of Cuda’s accomplishments include,

·         First and only Chocolate Labrador to obtain the five major field titles: Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Canadian Field Champion, Canadian Amateur Field Champion and Master Hunter

·         First FC AFC Chocolate Labrador

·         First Chocolate Labrador to qualify for the National Amateur Championship

·         First and only Chocolate Labrador to win two Junior Double Headers

·         35 Derby points (25 U.S. and 9 Canadian)

·         Averaged 7.5 series in six Nationals

·         1997 Canadian National Amateur Finalist

·         1998 Labrador Retriever Club Specialty Limited All-Age 1st Place

·         All points and titles amateur handled

AKC# SM81172204 CERF# LR-6981/97-84 OFA# LR-47421G24M Thyroid normal, CNM Non-Carrier, EIC Carrier

Cuda was a working retriever with an exceptional performance record and driving desire to please. He was a wonderful hunting companion as well as a very successful field trial competitor who set the standard for chocolates. His outstanding athleticism and disposition provided Charles Tyson with great pleasure at home as well as on the field trial circuit. Cuda was raised in his home amongst children and assorted pets. His dam, Missy Blueblack, was born in his home and is a littermate to FC AFC Rio Lago MH who qualified for twelve U.S. Nationals and five Canadian Nationals. A tribute to Cuda’s quality as a sire are his 93 American Kennel Club titled progeny in addition to his CKC, NAHRA and UKC titled offspring. 

In the spring of 1997, Cuda became the all time high point all-age Chocolate Labrador in the history of the American Kennel Club. Cuda recorded the first Chocolate Labrador Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion titles in 1996 and followed with the Canadian Field Champion and Canadian Amateur Field Champion titles in 1997. Later in 1997 Cuda earned the AKC Master Hunter title. All of Cuda’s titles and points have been amateur handled. Cuda qualified for four U.S. Nationals and five Canadian Nationals and was a Finalist in the 1997 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championship.  Cuda died Feb 12, 2003 but is still available for stud via frozen semen.  For more information on Cuda or to find out stud information, please visit the following link: or e-mail Charles Tyson at

Mercy was born on my youngest daughter’s birthday and has become a very special part of our home and life.  Mercy is as beautiful as she is sweet.  Like all of my labs, Mercy likes to be a lap dog and cuddle.  She has been raised around various children and pets.  Mercy has incredible drive and endurance; she can work for hours and come back still wanting more.  She is able to jump like her mother and father and is easily trainable.  She makes a great house dog; she is calm and caring when in the house and minds very well.  Mercy loves to be loved on and is a little pushy on the subject at times, we often refer to her as a "Mean Cuddles" because she will just flop over on you and you get elbowed or smacked in the face by a flying paw, and so on.

Mercy is exactly like her mother "Tierra's Cocoa Christy" in that she is the most dedicated mother you will find.  You have to forcibly remove her from the whelping box to go outside to do her empties and get a drink otherwise she would lie in there until her bladder either exploded or she died of dehydration.  She tolerates the other dogs being in the room with her pups but she dares them to approach too closely.  Mercy has also taken exactly after her mom in the mom department with litter sizes; both had first litter of 2 pups, 2nd litter of 10 pups with emergency c-section and spay, of course Mercy was 6 at the time of her second litter so it is not that uncommon to have to have a c-section or be spayed.

 Mercy has an incredible prey drive and will run down anything from mice, rats, rabbits, birds.  She chases the cats but never harms them, they just have a chasing game.  As I said she likes to hunt mice and rats with them, she has a fierce hatred of any critter that has the gall to come into her domicile and eat her food and crap all over the place :}

Mercy is extremely athletic, just as both of her parents are, and is very eager to please.  She has great speed, great marking ability and natural intelligence.  Mercy was bred with our SHR Trinity's Mr. Wiggles JH summer of 2009 she gave birth to a litter of 10 pups - 6 males & 4 females.  Mercy had to have an emergency c-section and spay and is retired.

Mercy is OFA Good LR-158973G25F-PI, CERF LR-38972 (04 & 06), Normal elbows LR-EL30477F25-PI, Normal Patella LR-PA167/25F/P-PI, Normal Thyroid LR-TH208/25F - PI, Normal Cardiac LR-CA1993/25F/P-PI, & CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM06-403-F-PIV AKC #SR153362/02, UKC #R186-361, DNA Profile #V357713, EIC Non-Carrier.

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 Mercy's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree

Trinity's Angel Of MercyTrinity's Angel Of MercyTrinity's Angel Of Mercy Trinity's Angel Of Mercy

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