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SHR Trinity’s Lotta Miracles, Lottie is from Molly's last litter of pups as she is now retired.  To explain how we ended up with such an amazing dog we need to start with the story of her full sister, Mira.  We had kept a chocolate female out of Molly's first litter with Crystalclear’s Black Blade II – Trinity’s Miranda Lynn Miracle (Lottie’s full sister born June 23, 2003) and had named her after my original Lab, Miranda Lynn because she was born the day after Mandy passed away.  I felt that Mira was the miracle that was sent to help me to get over losing Mandy.  However, Mira’s life on this earth was to be short lived because evil people went through our area and poisoned her and killed several other labs in the area; we were able to save her life at the time but, that just gave her another 8 months because of kidney failure.  However, I will always treasure the time that I spent with her.  She was one of the most incredibly intelligent, trainable, biddable, beautiful dogs; the type that comes along rarely.  I spent the last 8 months of her life giving her twice daily IV treatments to help flush her kidneys.  She had to become a vegetarian because she couldn’t digest meat protein, but her days were filled with play and happiness and her nights were spent in my bed cuddling me.  Her treatment time became our special time together and often she would fall asleep in my lap as I cuddled her and tried to keep her warm and comfortable.  Meanwhile a friend of mine who had gotten a female from Mira's litter had her girl accidentally run out in front of a car.  I could not deal with the thought that both of us had lost our girls at such a young age and so unnecessarily.  I knew that I could never replace Miracle and her sister but I had to try and I was running out of time, Molly had been retired; not spayed yet but she was not getting any younger.  As soon as Molly had her next heat I rebred Molly to Blade and there was only one chocolate pup in the litter and it was a female.  God had given me exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even have to make the decision as to which one was going to be mine.  God had taken care of it all.  So we named her “Trinity’s Lotta Miracles” because it took a lot of miracles for us to get her.  Lottie was born on Sept. 07, 2004 and Mira left us on Oct. 02, 2004 less than one month after Lottie arrived.  I gave my friend Mary a replacement pup and she bought another female from the litter so that they wouldn't be alone.  I commissioned a memorial portrait of Miracle to be painted by a very talented artist by the name of Amy Podojil.  To view this portrait Click Here.  I treasure it and I am extremely pleased with how she captured Miracle’s soul.  Mira’s soul is at peace and her memory is alive with Lotta everyday.  I don’t know who Mira would have grown up to be but I know that part of her is alive with Lotta. There are times that I forget that it was Mira who did something instead of Lotta. Lottie is a precious gift from God who has surpassed everything that I imagined she would be.

Lottie has become much more of a miracle for me than I could ever imagine.  1 month after Lottie was born I suffered an industrial accident where I was exposed to concentrated, high pressure sulfur dioxide and I suffered permanent debilitating lung and respiratory system damage.  Lottie has kept me going when I have wanted to give up.  If I fall she helps me up, if I quit breathing she pounds on my chest or licks my face until I respond.  She helps me handle the anxiety of asthma attacks and wakes me through the night when I quit breathing or if I fight my CFLEX machine and jerk it off in my sleep.  Lottie has taken over for Miracle and has become even more strongly bound to me than I could have ever dreamed.  She is the most loving, intelligent, easy to train dog I have ever owned.  I know that I have many dogs with better pedigrees than Lottie’s but none are better than Lottie in any way.  Lottie has become my service dog but more than that she has become a dog that can read me like a book and knows exactly how to help.  She understands my body language as well as my speech and I speak to her in the same voice that I would use to talk to you.  I never trained her to be a service dog; she just saw a need and took it upon herself.  I know that dogs need a job to be happy and Lottie is the happiest dog I have ever seen, she wiggles her whole body and showers us with kisses and cuddles.  She earned her Started Hunting Retriever title in 4 straight passes; the second two were after she was bred with FC Running With The Devil '01NDC. 

Lottie will not be training for more hunting titles because I am too lost without her and I seldom get to go to the hunt test with my husband and daughter.  I can not be alone without Lottie to watch over me for a whole weekend so we had to pull her.  Lottie misses the tests and is a little jealous when they pack the vehicle and head out but she watches over me like a hawk or a tigress with her cubs.

Lotta turned 2 years old Sept. 07, 2006 and had her OFA radiographs one week later.   However, within just a couple of days of having her radiographs taken she came into heat.  Being pre-estrus is known to give females worse ratings; Lottie still scored OFA good on her hips, normal elbows, normal patella, normal cardiac, normal thyroid, CNM non-carrier, EIC Carrier and CERF, she is DNA profiled and registered in the AKC and UKC.  Her numbers are as follows, Hips LR-162951G24F-PI, Elbows LR-EL3248F24-PI, Cardiac LR-CA2186/24F/P-PI, Patella LR-PA209/24F/P-PI, Thyroid LLR-TH238/24F-PI, CERF LR-45928/06, CNM LR-CNM06-899-F-PIV, AKC # SR20764401, UKC # R186-362, DNA #V434342

Lottie is a natural mother and has helped raise many pups so far; she takes over for the other mothers as soon as they start weaning.  She is sweet and yet authoritative with the pups and she teaches them better than most mothers that have had many litters.   She mothers the dogs and cats, she cleans their ears and eyes like she would a pup and corrects them if they are too rough.  If ever a dog was meant to be a mother it would be my Lottie.  Of course she takes this trait directly from her mother Molly who still enjoys her position as Grandmother and plays with and teaches the pups even if they are not really her grandchildren.  Molly would rather stick with the babes while the others go out playing and Lottie is just like her.

Lottie is gorgeous and she knows it, or maybe she just has pride in the position she fulfills in this household.  I don’t know but anyway she is regal especially when she is doing her job; be that caring for me or retrieving.  Lottie is wonderful to watch when she retrieves, she is off the line like a shot and runs just as hard as she can, or swims just as hard and fast as she can, both to the retrieve and back.  We laugh and say that she is trying to walk on the water.  She earned her Started Hunting Retriever title in 4 straight passes and had to be scratched from her Junior Hunting tests because she came in heat and had to go to Maine to be bred with FC Running With The Devil.   She had a wonderful litter with Devil in the fall of 2006 which includes great hunters and even another service dog. 

In Nov. 2007 she was bred with FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH - Pups were born on Jan. 19, 2008 - 5 males and 4 females.  Ryder is the first & only Chocolate Labrador to win a double header & is the first & only Chocolate Labrador National Amateur Finalist. His versatility is exemplified by his activities in the summer of 2003. In late June, he was a Finalist in the 2003 National Amateur Retriever Club Championship Stake (the first & only Chocolate Labrador). A week later he was the test dog for the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Retriever Series. The next weekend he completed his sixth straight Master Hunter qualification & earned the Master Hunter title. The following week Ryder won the Open All Age stake at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club’s field trial & his Field Championship title. In addition to his success as a competitor, he is a superb hunting companion with an outstanding dove, duck, goose & pheasant record. He is a loving & gentle pet. As a stud dog he carries & throws the warm & balanced personality of his sire. His sire is the most titled chocolate lab in the AKC and his dam is littermate to the only chocolate NFC  (NFC FC Storm’s Riptide Star) His major accomplishments: Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Master Hunter (second Chocolate Labrador in history to obtain the three AKC titles -- the first being his sire Barracuda Blue). Double Header winner in fall of 2004 (first & only Chocolate Labrador double header winner). Qualified for 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 National Amateur Retriever Championship stakes. 2003 National Amateur Finalist (first & only Chocolate Labrador finalist). Qualified for 2003 & 2004 National Open Retriever Championship stakes. National Derby List. Junior Double Header winner (Qualifying & Derby stakes win on the same weekend) -- possibly the only Labrador Retriever to win both a Double Header & a Junior Double Header. Amateur trained & h&led to all titles & points. AKC No. SN489896/04 OFA# LR-104809G28M, LR-EL10452M28 CERF# LR 19854/2003-69 Thyroid Normal, Verified Non-Carrier of Central Nuclear Myopathy . We kept one female from this breeding Trinity's High Caliber.  For more info on Ryder please visit

In May of 2009 Lottie was bred to our HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC Son of FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH x our SHR Trinity's Sassy Senorita Of Riverwood JH and this breeding was Rip's 1st attempt at breeding. Lottie and Rip didn't appear to have accomplished the breeding but on 07/08/09 we had a 1 pup litter - The Youngest Upland Hunter UH in History, The Youngest Dog To Earn Both The UH and HRCH Titles, and the Youngest Chocolate HRCH in History. HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH CGC - Rush also earned her MH title at 22 Months with having to earn 6 passes instead of 5 because of skipping the JH and SH levels in AKC tests.


Lottie’s 5 Generation Pedigree With Details

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Trinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta MiraclesTrinity's Lotta Miracles

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