Lilli Houdini - Retired

            Lilli Houdini, our sweet, good-tempered, 80-pound lab, is one very special girl. She is a very intelligent, inquisitive dog, who lives up to the name Houdini on many occasions.
          Lilli was the pick of the litter from our very first litter of Labrador Retrievers. Her mother is another of our labs, Molly Miranda Blackstone. Lilli and Molly are a wonderful mix of Eng. Conformation and Am. Field Trial dogs.
          Since the day she was born we knew Lilli was special. She learned her name by six weeks, and had learned simple commands by that time also. She is a wonderful retriever; she will retrieve anything that you throw. She loves to retrieve and considers it her special playtime with us. She loves the water and can never be kept dry if it is above 0�. Lilli does blind retrieves like a pro and can sniff out the best-hid objects. Don't worry if the bumper lands up a tree, or the top of the shed, she finds a way up there, she is very problem solving oriented. She is a very well behaved dog who is great with adults and children alike. She is also a very wonderful mother. Lilli, as well as all of my dogs, is used as a mascot for the Youth Soccer Team that my husband and I have coached for 10 years now.  She loves the children and the children love her, they can tell from the kindness in her eyes that she would never harm them.
          However, Lilli is also the great escape artist of our kennel. From the time she was a small puppy, she could escape from her crate, and from the kennel, when even the adult dogs couldn't figure out how to get out. As she got older, her escapes became more and more magnificent. To date she has unlocked cages, kennels, front doors, and windows. So far we have not been able to find anything, not even our house, that can keep her in if she wants out. Thankfully this trait only rears it's ugly head when we leave her for more than a few hours. Thus, she was named Lilli Houdini and is reigning Escape Artist Extradanaire'. If you are looking for great intelligence in your pup she is definitely the Dam for you.
          So there you have it. A quick glance at Lilli Houdini, owned by Sirena and Melody Robinson of Trinity Kennels. Here's a recap: sweet, good-tempered, gentle, loving, intelligent, curious, fun-loving, and resident escape artist. She is really one amazing Labrador.  Lilli is CNM Non-Carrier, OFA Excellent, Cardiac Normal, CERF
Lilli's 5 Generation Pedigree 

Lilli's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree