Trinity's Trial By Fire - Journey

Trinity's Trial By Fire - Journey

Trinity's Trial By Fire (Journey) is the daughter of FC AFC High Tech CEO (2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac HoF x NAFC FC Hattie McBunn HoF) and Tierra's Cocoa Christy who was our very first chocolate lab (Granddaughter of NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star - Only Chocolate NFC).  Christy was purchased for my daughter Tierra for her 9th birthday, we had planned on breeding Christy with FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH but Christy would have had to be shipped from OH to California and when she came into heat her progesterone spiked over night and so we didn't have time to ship her there or have sperm shipped here so we drove through the night to meet up with Gates.  I already owned another female SHR Trinity's Sassy Senorita of Riverwood that is a daughter of Gates and was incredibly impressed with her and her perfect disposition.  I had planned on breeding Christy with Gates on her next heat so we bumped him up in line and drove to North Carolina.  I unfortunately had to spay Christy after the birth of Journey's litter and we never did get that breeding with Ryder completed so here we are planning on breeding the daughter of the dog he missed out on with his sperm after his death for her first breeding, sort of ironic.  Journey is a beautiful chocolate lab with a long silky coat and she and Ryder should make wonderful babies.  We also have breeding rights on Journey's littermate - Trinity's Queen Elizabeth - Lizzy is a beautiful Black/Chocolate Factored Female.

Journey's Sire is FC AFC High Tech CEO (Gates) Gates was a Finalist in the 03 & 05 National Open and qualified for the National Open in 01, 03, 04, 05 & 06 and the National Amateur in 03 ,04, 05 & 06.  Gates was injured and did not compete in most of 2002; his injury was so extensive that most people wondered if he would ever compete again.  He not only has come back to style but also has surpassed his previous performance.  Gates is the product of the breeding of two Hall of Fame Retrievers, both of whom are NAFC titled.  Sire is 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCI HoF and Dam is NAFC FC Hattie McBunn HoF.  A List of Littermates for Gates would include 4 Field Champion Amateur Field Champion Labs and 1 Field Champion, 1 bitch that was Qualified All-Age and died at an early age of accidental cause, all of whom are great dogs.  They are: FC AFC Tiger McBunn, FC AFC Dr. Feelgood VI, FC AFC Whitie IV, FC AFC M and M's Buns of Steel & FC Seven Come Eleven V. 

Journey is very affectionate and cuddly, her fur is soft and lush and yet still easily sheds water. Journey is very easy to train and loves to just spend time with you.  Journey is much like her mother in that she is incredibly athletic and able to leap small buildings and tall fences in a single bound - can run faster than just about everyone and is one of the most competitive dogs that you will find as far as she must beat everyone else to the retrieve when we do fun bumpers.  Journey is a super sweet dog, she loves everyone and everyone loves Journey.  Journey is completely non-aggressive and never worries about her position in the pack, she is happy no matter how high up in the hierarchy she is.  Gates daughters seem to mature sexually at a much older age but mature mentally at a very young age.  This is a perfect quality if you are going to field trial or hunt test because you don't have to worry about accidental breeding or pulling her from training because she can't be around the male dogs.

Journey is OFA good hips, normal elbows, normal cardiac, normal patella, normal thyroid, CERF and CNM non-carrier, EIC Carrier she is AKC and  UKC registered and DNA Profiled.  Unfortunately she was born just months after my accident and I was too sick to train her for the hunt tests and now that my daughter Tierra is training she has had to decide which dogs to train and Journey has never had the training that she needs to run in hunt tests but she does retrieve like a pro and loves the water.  Journey has an incredible nose and can track anything you want her to track and is one of the most athletic dogs that I have ever been around.  She is a great marker and is steady on the line, she would have been a great derby dog because of her speed and reliability.  Journey is about 60 lbs and is the perfect size to fit into a tight blind or to haul into a boat without too much effort.  Journey is a great lap dog and one of the sweetest Labrador retrievers that you have ever met.  We are very proud of Journey and are excited to breed her for some totally incredible pups.  AKC Registration #SR24830801, OFA Hips LR-168238G26F-PI, Elbows LR-EL35426F26-PI, Cardiac LR-CA2538/26F/P-PI, Thyroid LR-TH279/26F-PI, Patella LR-PA235/26F/P-PI, CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM07-476-F-PIV, EIC Carrier LR-EIC861/45F-VPI-CAR , CERF LR-51905, DNA Profile #V372548, CHIC 51487

5 Generation Pedigree of Trinity's Trial By Fire

Journey's 5 Generation Pedigree - Printable Version

Trinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - Journey

Trinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - Journey

Trinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - JourneyTrinity's Trial By Fire - Journey