SHR Trinity's Goddess Of Magic - Isis

SHR Trinity's Goddess Of Magic

Daughter of Hall Of Fame Retriever FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford and CAFC Grouse Of Drakes Bay

Isis was named for the Greek Goddess Isis who was one of the original Ennead, the collective name given to the original nine deities .

Isis is the daughter of FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF who is a Hall of Fame Retriever, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Earned both FC & AFC Titles at age 2 - Youngest Dog to ever earn both titles. 2002 High Point Amateur Dog - 43 Points, 18 Titled Offspring, 8 Titled Siblings including '03 NFC AFC Five Star General Patton, CFC CAFC A Jay IV , FC Duk Dawg Of Nickajack, FC Eagle Ridge Fullback, FC Izzee-A-Duk Dawg MH, FC Pleasant River Kate, FC AFC Rsk's Smoot Sailing, & FC AFC Tequila Sunrise IX.  Ford was sired by 2X NAFC - 98 & 99 CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac WCX History's All-Time Best Sire Of Field Titled Labrador Retrievers (155 Titled Offspring). Her Dam is CAFC Grouse Of Drakes Bay who is a Canadian Amateur Field Champion, Qualified All-Age, US Amateur JAM, Littermate to National Open Finalist 2011 FC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea - 2 Qualified All-Age Females, Sired by FC AFC Dare To Dream (26 Titled Offspring, 5 Titled Siblings), Dam: FC AFC Drake's Bay Kate's Choice (1 Titled Offspring - 8 Series in 2006 National Amateur - Youngest Dog Qualified), Grouse Tied The Second Highest Point Amateur Dog in Canada 2007 Before The Age Of 3 Years. She was the pick of the litter as I had Ford's owner ask for first pick for me and I paid him the stud fee. I used to call Ford's owner every couple of months for update on who was breeding with Ford as I wanted a very special female from an incredible, high powered female and I waited about 3 years before picking this litter. Isis is not only the daughter of Hall Of Fame Retriever FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF (Almost 250 AA Points, but also the incredible CAFC Grouse Of Drake's Bay is her dam. Grouse - Tied For #2 Canadian Amateur Dog in 2006 (Littermate to 2011 National Open Finalist - FC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea - Moses). Grouse was the youngest dog to qualify for the 2006 National Amateur at 3 years old. Grouse has an Amateur Win. Grouse is the daughter of FC AFC Dare To Dream - Cosmo (35 Titled Offspring, 5 Titled Siblings) x FC AFC Drake's Bay Kates Choice (2 Titled Offspring).

My mother developed tracheal cancer soon after we bought Isis and then we had our house burn down. We lived in a camper on the property in order to take care of the dogs but due to space Isis had to spend the next 9 months in the kennel while we concentrated on more important items. We had one of the worst winters in 25 years and 2 litter of pups so we had no choice. I call her my husband's $3000 truck dog. She would have been an excellent competitor if I could have ever gotten him to leave her home for our daughter to train her.

I bought Isis as a birthday gift for my husband. I had been calling FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford's owners Sam & Helen Milton for about 3 years checking out who had been in to breed with Ford, when I found out about Grouse breeding with Ford I knew that was the litter from which I wanted a pup. Sam Milton asked for first pick instead of stud fee and I paid him the cost of the pup for his stud fee. Isis was the only yellow pup in the litter so we definitely would not have gotten her without Sam's help.

Our girl Isis was born 03/25/2008 & is indeed a very protective mother and is very protective of her family pack and she also believes whole heartedly that she is a Goddess. She is one of the most spoiled dogs, I think she believes her namesakes information is truly about her.  Isis goes to work with my husband every day and lays under his desk guarding him from everyone. Isis is a very loving, kind dog but is very watchful of strangers; given a couple of minutes to feel you out she will then become insistent that she be given the attention she so rightfully deserves.  Isis' favorite song is "Low Rider" by War, she heard it one day on her adventures with my husband and started howling softly in the background to the song, now anytime she hears it she will howl through the entire thing very loudly. Isis earned her Started Hunting Retriever title being trained and campaigned by her Daddy "My Husband Dan" who enjoys babying her much more than he enjoys training her and he won't leave her while he is at work for our daughter to train her so I don't know if she will be campaigned to a higher level. Isis is a wonderful retriever and can run for five miles before settling down to do real work, she likes to run like the wind. Isis is a smaller female, weighing in at about 55 lbs prior to pregnancy, but you would never guess from her attitude that she was smaller in stature. Isis is regal and glamorous and struts around like she is well aware of her beauty and her status as Daddy's Baby Girl. If Isis wants to go out or to get your attention she will talk to you, not bark but talk, she makes noises like a Wookiee from Star Wars. Isis is so maternal that during the 2011 Master National Competition she actually developed milk and help nurse another dogs pups. She has the softest fur that petting her is addictive. Isis has also been known to take her couple of bites of human food into her pups and drop it in for them to eat. She is amazingly athletic but also had an ACL tear because of her no fear attitude.


The Egyptian goddess Isis was worshipped throughout Egypt, even from very early dates. She was the daughter of the sky goddess Nut and the first daughter of earth god Geb. Isis was considered to the patron saint of women, mothers and children, prototype of the faithful wife, fertility, and protective mother. She is associated with Sirius, the dog star, the rising of which signals the vernal equinox. The moon is her symbol. Additionally, ancient Egyptians referred to her as Isis the goddess of magic, love, fertility, & healing and therefore she is closely associated with prayers of women. She was seen as a maternal and protective goddess and was generally seen as the protector of the Pharaoh. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers. Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children from whom all beginnings arose. In later times, the Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile River flooded every year because of her tears of sorrow for her dead husband, Osiris. It is told that she managed to trick Re into revealing his secret name to her and in doing so, Isis obtained many magical powers. In the Egyptian mysteries, Isis represented the female aspect of the Deity to mankind; she was the Universal Mother to all that lives; wisdom, truth, and power. Statues to her were decorated with stars, the moon, and the sun. Her girdle was joined together by four golden plates that represent the four elements of nature. She with the knowledge of her teacher Hermes created the writings of all nations, caused men to love women, invented sailing, gave mankind its laws, ended cannibalism, made justice more powerful than silver or gold, instructed mankind in the mysteries, and caused truth to be considered beautiful. An inscription in her temple at Sais read: "I am that which is, which hath been, and which shall be; and no man has ever lifted the veil that hides my Divinity from mortal eyes." The Isis of the mysteries is completely veiled by a scarlet cloth. She is the Virgin in the constellation Virgo. In Christianity, some hold that, the Virgin Mary partially absorbed Isis.

Isis's Health Clearances: Hips Good LR-196222G45F-VPI- Elbows Normal LR-EL53482F45-VPI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA5554/45F/P-VPI, Patella Normal LR-PA525/45F/P-VPI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH565/45F-VPI, LR-54739 CERF, CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM140/11F-VPI, EIC Non-Carrier LR-EIC869/8F-VPI, CHIC 78978

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