Trinity's Gypsy Pickpocket - Gypsy - Retired

Gypsy was born on April 01, 2004 to Lilli & CH Franklin’s Pickpocket for Kerrybrook MH (Pete) – Some of Pete’s highlights include:

·         Youngest Champion Master Hunter in breed history - Now 2nd Youngest

·         Winner Stud Dog class Labrador Retriever Club National Specialty 2001

·         Sire of 5 Senior Hunters under age 2 from Conformation-bred bitches

·         Sire of Show Champion bred from a Field Trial Dam

·         Sire of 22 month-old with Three Master legs

Pete is an incredible dog with an incredible disposition and conformation that he throws to his offspring.  Pete is no longer with us but there is limited frozen seman available.  For more information on Pete and for stud information visit

To View 5 Generation Pedigree Of CH Franklin's Pickpocket For Kerrybrook MH ***  Click Here

Printable Version of Pete's 5 Generation Pedigree

 Gypsy is one of the most beautiful yellow bitches that I have ever laid eyes on. She was our pick of the litter and is extremely athletic and loves to retrieve and swim.  She is the sweetest, most gentle Lab that we own. Gypsy has been raised in our home and loves to be around various children and pets. Gypsy may be an April Fool’s baby but she is no fool; she has definitely inherited her mother’s Houdini gene and her father’s Pickpocket gene. What we mean by this is that no cage that has yet been designed that can keep her in if she wants out, and no cabinet, refrigerator or bread box exists that can keep her out when she smells something inside that she wants. She is easily trained, and is a very fast learner. We pride ourselves on breeding intelligent dogs, and all of ours are what should be considered highly intelligent, and we were amazed at Gypsy’s learning ability. Overall, she is one of the most incredible dogs that we have bred to date.  Gypsy is average size, weighing in at about 60 pounds and has a beautiful conformation and disposition.  Everyone that sees Gypsy falls in love with her and I could have sold her hundreds of times.  We actually had to hide her when people came to look at the litter so that they wouldn’t want her instead of the other girls.  The litter as a whole is some of the best looking, acting Labs that I have seen.  I am very proud of Gypsy and her littermates.  One of Gypsy’s littermates has earned his Bench Championship in the UKC and is now working on his field titles.  Gypsy was bred to FC AFC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom for her first litter, unfortunately Gypsy had to have an emergency C-Section and spay.  Gypsy is happily retired and enjoying just hanging out.

Gypsy' 5 Generation Pedigree

Printable Version of Gypsy's 5 Generation Pedigree