HRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JH 

UH HRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper MH CGC

'04 NFC FC AFC MHR Dewey's Drake of Moon Rivers X Lilli Houdini

Gremlin is the daughter of the 2nd Yellow NFC in the AKC; this feat was accomplished again 2 years later by a female yellow in 2006.  Gremlin is pictured above during her first hunt test in the UKC at 6 months of age, Gremlin was titled a Started Hunting Retriever in 4 straight passes by a first time trainer and handler for 2006; my youngest daughter, Tierra.  Tierra was very disappointed when she had trained to run 4 retrievers in hunt tests (not including Gremlin) and all 4 came into heat.  Tierra was unable to run two of the females at all because of timing and the other two finished their title after they were bred (Sassy and Lottie).  Out of frustration of not having a dog to train with after working night after night she decided to get our pup out and start her training.  6 weeks after beginning her training Gremlin received her fourth ribbon and her title.  The day that Gremlin received her SHR title the test took place on a big lake, it was the last hunt test of the season and the weather had turned nasty.  The ducks were the last of the season as well and we jokingly called them "Mutant Ducks" because they were so large that Gremlin could not see over it when she was swimming with it in her mouth.  The winds were whipping the water against the shore of the lake blowing water mists into the air, there were even white caps on the water which many of the dogs were mistaking for ducks.  The wind chill made the air feel like it was about 20 degrees and many of the dogs refused to even go into the water.  Gremlin was just a 6 month old puppy but she dove straight into the water for both retrieves of the water series.  The waves caused the ducks to move from the point of fall rather quickly but Gremlin was able to keep her eyes on the bird and complete both water retrieves like a pro, fighting the waves like she had been doing it for years.  In truth she had never even seen water that big, our one acre pond was the biggest water she had ever swam in.  She was one of only 3 dogs to pass the water series that day. 

Gremlin is incredibly smart like both of her parents and we are expecting great things from her in the future.  Gremlin received her Junior Hunter title in four straight passes and titled June 2006 at 14 months of age.  She received her Hunting Retriever title at 17 months, she earned her Hunting Retriever Champion title in 4 of 5 tests during Aug./Sept. '09 all trained and ran by my youngest daughter Tierra.  Gremlin is an incredible marker, very easily trained and is incredibly intelligent (she knows that the blind is located by the flag in the field, you know - the orange flag that she isn't supposed to be able to see).  Gremlin is a beautiful fox-red yellow like her sire NFC AFC HR Dewey's Drake Of Moon Rivers and she also inherited his drive and tracking ability.  We are thankful that she didn't inherit her mothers love of escaping, Gremlin is happy to be wherever we wish her to be but she did inherit Lilli's wonderful ability to problem solve and her wonderful loving personality. 

Gremlin has OFA Good Hips LR-174509G26F-VPI, CERF LR-51904, Normal Elbows LR-EL39075F24-PI, Normal Cardiac LR-CA3055/25F/P-VPI, Normal Patella LR-PA290/25F/P-VPI,

Normal Thyroid LR-TH337/25F-VPI, CNM Non-Carrier, EIC Carrier

Gremlin was bred with FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF in 2008 and we kept a fox red yellow male and a yellow female from the breeding.  The male is HRCH Trinity's God Of Thunder SH - Thor and he earned his HR title in 4 of 5 tests in Sept. 2009 and titled at 9 months of age, earned his first HRCH pass at 15 months and title at 17 months, first SH pass at 19 months and title at 21 months - because of skipping Junior and titling on a Sat. he has 7 Senior Hunter passes, 1 MH Pass His CGC and TDI titles. the female; SHR Trinity's Risen From The Ashes JH- Phoenix has a partial tear to her ACL and was unable to train or campaign until the Summer of 2010 when she earned her SHR title in straight passes and her JH title in straight passes

Gremlin was bred to FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II and we kept a male and female from this litter - Trinity's Sneaky Sneaky - Ninja and Trinity's Sleeper Reaper so watch for updates on these pups as well.

Gremlin Qualified for the 2011 and 2012 Master Nationals, she went out on the third series of the Master National in 2011 we are expecting her to go all the way to a pass in 2012.


HRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JHHRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JHHRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JHHRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JHHRCH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper JH

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