HRCH UH Duke Of Holy Trinity MH

HRCH Duke Of Holy Trinity

Duke was bred here at Trinity Labrador Retrievers and sold as a pup to Eric Lingler. Duke's Parents and Both His Grandmothers were my breedings. I asked Eric if I could use him as a stud dog because of the qualities you find in Duke are very difficult to find. He has a gorgeous build, he is intelligent, thinks on his feet, is unalterable in his willingness to please Eric and others. Duke is a testament to the fact that you can find amazing chocolate labs. Duke earned his Hunting Retriever Champion Title in straight passes as well as his Upland Hunter Title. He Jammed {Judges Award of Merit) in 3 of 4 Derbies. Neither he or Eric had ever competed in a Derby before so that was an incredible accomplishment. Duke failed his first Master Test then passed 6 Consecutively to earn his Master Hunter Title

Eric has been an avid hunter for many years but had never trained or competed with a dog before. We advised him to join one of the local HRC Clubs and attend some training days when he pick the pup up but you never know how a person will be after they get into training as to whether they have any talent at it or not. Eric is a quick study and he knows when to watch and listen. Duke has been his pride and joy since he has taken him home. Duke is completely Amateur Trained, Owned and Handled by Eric Lingler. You can contact Eric at 216-559-0241  or via email at Ericlingler@yahoo.com

HRCH Duke of Holy Trinity MH

HRCH Duke Of Holy Trinity
(UH HRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI (FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH x SHR Trinity's Sassy Senorita of Rvwood JH CGC) x SHR Trinity's Lady of the Lake ( FC Running with the Devil '01 National Derby Champion x SHR Trinity's Lotta Miracles CGC TDI)

HRCH Duke Of Holy Trinity

Duke is a 67 lb. chocolate lab with tons of drive in the field and a great off switch in the house. Often in the house Duke can be found laying on the couch or in bed. But don't underestimate Duke has seen nothing in the field that has made him shy away from it or has made him hesitate for a nanosecond. He faces a 10 lb. goose or a 300 yard retrieve across swimming water with nothing but enthusiasm and a smile. Absolutely nothing scares him in the field.

Duke's disposition out of the field is wonderful. He gets along great with other dogs, children and anyone else that comes over. One of Dukes favorite ways to pass the time is by going for car rides and putting his head out the window to feel the breeze through his fur. Duke has a mischievous nature and often likes to steal my daughter's stuffed animals and bat them around the floor like a cat would do.
Duke earned his Started Hunter retriever title at 8 months old. He was completely steady at the line, walking at heel, and retrieving to hand also at 8 months old.
Duke obtained his HR title at 18 months old.

Master Hunter Title - Just started running Masters in April 2013 then earned his title in 6 straight tests.

After obtaining his HR title Duke switched venues and went on to run field trials where he earned 3 derby JAMS (judges award of merit) out of 4 trials. In his first Qualifying Match he made it to the 3 series at 20 months old.
Duke earned his Hunting Retriever Champion title at 30 months old by going 4 for 4 in finished test.

Duke earned his Upland Hunter Title in 4 straight tests.
Not only is Duke a great retriever, an excellent marker but also he runs blinds just as hard as he runs marks and is a great team player.

Duke is also an accomplished upland dog. In 8 Upland Trials Duke obtained 6 First Place Finishes and 2 Second Place Finishes

Duke Earned 3 First Place Finishes in Puppy Flushing -- 3 First Place Finishes in Derby Flushing ---3 Second Place Finishes in All-Age Flushing.

Duke is very steady to Wing and Shot.

Duke is a complete package of great disposition, great ability, great intelligence, great willingness to please, great health, great build and looks.
*Amateur Trained and handled by Eric Lingler

AKC DNA #V682694, AKC SR60217708, UKC R214832
CHIC 79363, CNM Clear LR-CNM424/24M-VPI, EIC Clear, LR-CA6331/36M/P-VPI Cardiac,   CERF
LR-364029, OFA LR-196496G24M-VPI Hips, LR-EL53689M24-VPI Elbows, LR-PA605/36M/P-VPI Patella

For Stud To Approved Females, Must Have Negative Brucellosis Test Dated Within 10 Days Of The Breeding For Natural Breeding, Frozen and Chilled Fresh Seman Available Upon Request.

Eric Lingler 216-559-0241

HRCH Duke Of Holy TrinityHRCH Duke Of Holy TrinityHRCH Duke Of Holy Trinity

HRCH Duke Of Holy TrinityHRCH Duke Of Holy Trinity

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