FC Running With The Devil '01 NDC and Owner Chad O'Brien


FC Running with the Devil - ’01 High Point Derby Dog

(FC-AFC Dare to Dream X FC-AFC Trailcreek Blue's Dacey)


Devil was born Aug. 15, 1999, Died Aug. 11, 2007.  AKC DNA #V174119, SN67150204 He has OFA Good Hips, LR-117777G24M-PI & CERF LR-30748N/2001-23


A list of his accomplishments so far would include:


When I met Devil in a field trial in Vermont, I could then finally understand why someone would name a dog such a name:  He was a handsome Devil and what a sweet heart.  Devil was ultra-friendly and lovable.  Devil is a great producing sire and we are proud to use him as a stud for our girls.  Devil was a wonderful dog, extremely high energy and all business when he was retrieving, great marking ability, and proven stud potential.  Devil was loving and sweet when he was not working.  He was an amazing dog and I believe that his name will be in the pedigree of many great dogs in the future.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to Chad for his loss of such an outstanding dog and friend.  The two pups that we kept from his litter with SHR Trinity's Lotta Miracles are two of the best dispositioned dogs that I have ever owned and a third pup is a Service Assistant Dog for a wheel chair bound women in Northern Ohio.  All of the pups except one was chocolate and the other was yellow with chocolate points, Devil did not throw his black gene at all.  Our chocolate male is Trinity's Mr Wiggles (Cosmo) and our girl is Trinity's Lady Of The Lake (Layla).  Cosmo dislocated his rear right ankle when he was just a couple of months old and is still undergoing therapy a year and a half later, it is doubtful that he will be able to compete.  Layla will be competing in hunt test.  The service dog is Trinity's Very Handsome Devil (Rascal) and looks exactly like Cosmo and is nearly as wiggly.


If you have a Devil offspring that you would like to add to this brag list please e-mail me at melody@trinitylabs.net with a subject line of Devil Pups Brag. 


Devil’s 5 Generation Pedigree 


Printable Version of 5 Generation Pedigree



Devil passed away Aug. 11, 2007 of thyroid cancer, he was owned by Chad O’Brien of Burnham, ME, however he is still doing select breedings to approved females.  Chad may be reached at 207-416-8689

Chad has given permission and approval of all content of this page.


Devil was trained by Dave Mosher of Sugarfoot Kennels 444 Troy Road, Burnham, ME 04922 .  Dave is a professional trainer that has taken numerous dogs to the National Opens including FC CFC Miss Scarlet who just overtook Hall of Fame Retriever – NFC AFC CFC Risky Business Ruby (in Devil’s Pedigree) to become the 2nd all-time high pointed female.  Dave is a member of The Professional Retriever Trainers Association and hosts an AKC Hunt Test on his property in Burnham annually.  Scarlet completed 9 series in the ’06 National Open at 11 years of age, this tells me that Dave is a careful trainer that does not push the dogs he trains past what is safe and practical.  Dave is incredibly talented as a trainer and he allows the dogs to keep their love of retrieving, he doesn't turn them into retrieving robots.  Dave can be reached April – November at 207-948-2582 and in December – March at 409-243-2105 in S.E. Texas