FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II – Copper

FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II


FC Running With The Devil ‘01 NDC X AFC Winifox Penny From Heaven


Copper is owned by Van & Jennifer Ames and Copper's bio goes something like this: Open win at 2 1/2, FC CAFC at 4 years old, has Canadian Open points, Amateur Field Champion, finished in Top 10 Amateur All Age dogs for the year 2006 in Canada. Hips OFA Good LR-139233G24M-PI, Eyes CERF LR-43153, CNM - PIV, EIC Clear, CNM Clear, Coat Color Type VI (Yellow with Black Points carrying chocolate gene or Tri-factored Yellow) AKC #SN89314205, AKC DNA #V336964 born JAN-20-2002, Copper’s Sire is FC Running With the Devil '01 NDC (11 Titled Offspring) and His dam is AFC Winifox Penny From Heaven who is also AKC Open All-Age pointed, she was a gift to Mark Moser from Julie Andersen, Mark raised and trained her, sold her to Marion Stroud Swingle, Kippy later gave Penny to Ginny Sislane who put the AFC on her and did the two breedings that Copper and Cheech came out of.  Penny Qualified for the National Amateur Championship in 2001, had 27 Derby Points and 17.5 All-Age Points.


I asked Van to write up a short synopsis of Copper and this is what he wrote:


“I originally owned a littermate to Copper’s sire “Devil”, named Catcher; he was retired because of Lyme disease. Copper is a great deal like his Uncle Catcher, affectionate, non-aggressive, always trying to please. Copper is ready to work all the time, no attitudes if corrected, just a great dog.  This is an especially great trait for an amateur dog.  Because he will work as much as you will and if you make a mistake he does not hold it against you. Mark Mosher and his family raised Copper from a puppy. Mark did all of his training until his father, David took over. I had watched Copper's development from a puppy to an all-age dog and I was very impressed with him. Mark was interested in selling him; however he was asking more money than I had ever dreamed of spending on a dog.


I am also quite aware of the immense costs to buy a well bred puppy, raise it, train it, send it out for winter training; as it is not possible to train here in Maine, and wait 3-4 years to see if you have something special. It was just a lot of money to spend. At the same time, I have been experiencing some health issues that may very well limit my participation in the future in this great team sport that I have loved for more than 25 years now. One day I said to my wife Jennifer, that I would really like to own Copper, that he possessed all the best qualities I had ever seen in the best dogs I have ever shared my life with. She told me to buy him. We did. It was a great decision.  Without Jenn’s insistence we would not own Copper at this time and I want to thank her for that.

Copper is a good marker, a great lining dog, understands poison birds without any hassle, and always tries. A negative, if you consider it one, would be his speed on all retrieves. He does over run short retired birds at times and can easily be past a blind before you can blow a whistle.

Trainability:  10
Personality:  10 ”



I met Copper at Dave Mosher’s Kennel in Maine while there breeding Lottie with Devil.  I met him and it was love at first sight.  Copper has the most unique copper color to his coat and his build is muscular and dependable looking.  Copper walked up to me and gave me kisses and stole my heart.  His sweet nature and need to please Van was immediately apparent, you could just tell that Van was as much in love with Copper as Copper was with Van.  I have seen many field dogs that retrieve like robots and that shows how well trained they are but not what their natural ability is.   When you see a dog that does so well for the love of his master and a brief “good dog”, it is unique and exactly what I search all over the country for.  I saw that relationship with Chad and Devil and with Van and Copper.  These two gentlemen love their dogs and their dogs love to retrieve for them. 


All information about Copper appearing on my web-site is approved and/or written by Jennifer and Van Ames.  To reach them please e-mail: coach21@myfairpoint.net or call 1-207-474-9097 also Van now has a web page for Copper it is http://www.abnakikennels.com


Copper has been trained by Dave Mosher of Sugarfoot Kennels 444 Troy Road, Burnham, ME 04922 .  Dave is a professional trainer that has taken numerous dogs to the National Opens including FC CFC Miss Scarlet who just overtook Hall of Fame Retriever – NFC AFC CFC Risky Business Ruby (in Copper's Pedigree) to become the 2nd all-time high pointed female.  Dave is a member of The Professional Retriever Trainers Association and hosts an AKC Hunt Test on his property in Burnham annually.  Scarlet completed 9 series in the ’06 National Open at 11 years of age, this tells me that Dave is a careful trainer that does not pus the dogs he trains past what is safe and practical.  Dave is incredibly talented as a trainer and he allows the dogs to keep their love of retrieving, he doesn't turn them into retrieving robots.  Dave can be reached April – November at 207-948-2582 and in December – March at 409-243-2105 in S.E. Texas.



Copper Travels In Style!!

This is his seat in the family RV


FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II