Tierra's Cocoa Christy - Retired

Mother of Trinity's Angel of Mercy & Trinity's Trial By Fire

          Tierra's Cocoa Christy as the name implies belongs to my daughter Tierra. We purchased her from Kathleen Strong of Piddle Creek Kennels and Yellow Ridge Game Farm in Cumberland, WI. We purchased Christy because we had promised Tierra that if she would keep her room clean for a year then we would believe that she was mature enough to get a dog. Well, she of course has not kept her room clean since the dog arrived but she did what she had to do to get her here.
          Christy has a deep dark chocolate coat and is what is considered a shorthaired Lab. Christy has an athletic build and usually weighs in at about 80 lb.

Christy was the most athletic dog that I have ever been around. She loved to retrieve more than she liked to eat. If you offer to take her out to play or give her a steak she would choose to play hoping that the steak would still be available later. Our porch is 4 - 5 foot off the ground and Christy seldom uses the stairs, she just leaps up from the ground, she doesn't even need a walking or running start. She can stand on all four legs and clear a six-foot fence. (We had to cover the top of the kennel). She was playing Frisbee with Lilli and Molly once and she jumped over them to get the Frisbee, landed on top of them and then hit the ground. She broke her tail, well with broken tail a flopping she came running up with the Frisbee and wanted to continue to play. It never even slowed her down. Of course we went right to the vet but Christy was unhappy because she had to quit playing.

Christy had the best water entry of any lab that I have, she dived and landed about 15 foot from the bank. She was the fastest on lands and waters at this kennel, and even at the trainers kennel she would not let any other dog beat her. She will urinate while running to keep another dog from beating her to the water, to the bumper, to the duck it doesn't matter, she just wants to win. Christy has become everything to my daughter Tierra and when Tierra is at home they are inseparable. Christy is really calm in the house unless you get out the toys and she thinks she is going to get to retrieve. But upon seeing a bumper Christy metamorphoses into Tigger and becomes bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun fun fun fun.

Christy loves a tennis ball and when it is out she becomes one minded. I once took a tennis ball away from her and sat it on the chair next to me and told her that I would play later. Well, and hour and a half later she had never moved from that spot, sitting staring at the ball, not touching it or moving a muscle. I was so proud of her for not just taking it when I was out of the room that I played with her for an extra long time that day.

Christy loved to play goalie for us and like all my labs was often a mascot for the youth soccer team that my husband and I used to coach. The kids loved to play with Christy because she knew so many different tricks. They are always amazed at what Tierra has managed to teach her.

We went with total trust in Kathleen Strong to take what we said we were looking for in the dog, such as strong drive, athleticism, birdyness, etc. and pick the right pup for us. Well, hats off to Kathleen because we have never been disappointed in what Christy is capable of doing or how loving and kind that she is. She will lay and cuddle up with Tierra and watch TV or whatever Tierra wants to do, just as long as she can be with Tierra she is content. Kathleen is the owner of Annie (Annie is daughter of Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal)) and the breeder of Kodi who is owned by Allan Barta of Monday Lake Kennels. We would like to thank Kathleen for such a wonderful job and for all of her kindness and help. She has inspired me to study the subject to become a better breeder, a more informed dog owner and to always listen to what the buyer is looking for in a pup to try to match the pup to the owner. (Tierra and Christy were poured out of the same mold. Ha Ha).

Christy was previously bred with FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH, who stands as the most titled Chocolate Labrador in the history of the breed. Cuda was owned by Charles Tyson, Charles told me that Christy is everything that he likes to see in a bitch but seldom does. This is the breeding that produced our Trinity's Angel of Mercy.

Final Breeding was in 05 with FC AFC High Tech CEO (Gates). Gates was 2003 National Open Finalist, Qualified for 03 National Amateurs, Qualified for 2004 National Open and National Amateurs. Gates completed 8 series in the 04 National Open. Also, Gates was Qualified All-Age at 24 months and earned 18 Derby Points. Gates is Littermate to FC AFC Tiger McBunn, FC AFC Dr. Feelgood VI, FC AFC Whitie IV, FC AFC M and M's Buns of Steel, and FC Seven Come Eleven V.
Gates and his littermates were produced by the cross of 2 National Amateur Field Champions, 2X NAFC - 98 & 99 2X CNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac and '98 NAFC FC Hattie McBunn. As you can tell Gates and his siblings have very impressive pedigree's. This was Chrisy's 2nd and Final Breeding due to complications during delivery.  This breeding produced Trinity's Trial By Fire - Journey

View Christy's 5 Generation Pedigree Here

Printable 5 Generation Pedigree

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