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About FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH: "Cuda" was whelped on October 2, 1990 and unfortunately passed away February 13, 2003. Cuda came from Silver Creek Kennels in Davis, CA. Charles and Missy Tyson owned him. Charles is an amateur trainer and trained and ran Cuda extensively in Field Trials in the US and Canada. Cuda was a working retriever with an exceptional performance record and driving desire to please. He was an enthusiastic hunting companion as well as a successful field trial competitor. His outstanding athleticism and wonderful disposition provided Missy and Charles great pleasure at home as well as on the field circuit. Cuda was raised in their home among children and assorted pets. His dam, Missy Blueback, was born in their home and is full sister to FC AFC Rio Lago MH who has qualified for twelve US nationals and five Canadian nationals.

In the spring of 1997 Cuda became the all time high point all~age Chocolate Labrador in the history of the American Kennel Club. This achievement is highlighted by the fact that his titles and the points have all been Amateur handled. Cuda is the only chocolate Lab to obtain five major titles including Field Champions, Amateur Field Champion, Canadian Field Champion, Canadian Amateur Field Champion & Master Hunter. Cuda is the first and only Chocolate Labrador to qualify for the National Amateur Championship, he qualified for the 96 and 97 National Amateur Championship and completed the 7th and 9th series as well as being a 97 Canadian National Amateur Finalist. Altogether, Cuda qualified for four US nationals and five Canadian nationals and averaged 7.5 series in the six nationals. Cuda was the first chocolate Lab to win two junior Double Headers, the only other chocolate lab to do so is Cuda�s son Ryder. Cuda was also the 95 and 96 High point all~age chocolate Labrador with 35 Derby points (23.5 FC, 55 AFC, 9 Canadian). Cuda has 6 Master Hunter ribbons. Barracuda Blue will be sorely missed by many but his legacy will live on in his progeny.

Barracuda Blue's Pedigree
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If you would like information on breeding with Barracuda Blue contact Silver Creek Kennels � Charles & Missy Tyson

Ctyson@dcn.org or US mail 34284 Corcoran Hill Lane, Davis, CA 95616

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