Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - Asher

Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - Asher

FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD x Doc Tee's Where No Dog Has Gone Before JH

Asher is an incredibly sweet dog that lives to please. He is fun, loving, and all puppy when not training. Asher doesn't realize his size yet and seems to still be growing into himself. Asher is beautiful on the inside and out. Asher during training however is the epitome of concentration and controlled intensity. Asher is a very intellectual dog but is very much a team player. If Asher ever blows off a cast I can pretty much guarantee that the handler mismarked the fall not Asher. Asher is trustworthy and dependable and as of the time I write this he has become QAA and passed 10 Master Hunter Tests in a row without fail. All tests were at Master National Affiliated Clubs and has passed every single one with flying colors. Asher is a dog that you learn to trust as a handler to know what he is doing but to also be willing to not do what he thinks is correct in lieu of what you tell him to do. He is not an independent dog but a team player all the way. Asher is a great addition to Trinity Labs and a sweet heart with pups and other intact males alike. He loves his job and his life and is out there having the time of his life. This boy has not a care or worry, he takes everything in stride and walks with a strut like he knows that he is great. The yellow color that he carries is from one of the very strongest line of yellow Labradors ever in America. Asher has only sired a few litters that are very young to this point we are anxiously waiting to see how they perform in their chosen fields.

Asher was bought by my daughters Tierra Robinson Sloan and Sirena Robinson from Marc Patton and his beautiful wife Jamie Catherine Patton. I asked Marc and Jami to give me a summary of Asher and their experiences with him; below is what they sent to me:

Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH *** - Born the 3rd of February 2011, Asher is 85 lbs of Chiseled Muscle. He possesses pinpoint marking abilities coupled with explosive speed, confidence and desire which allows him to push through and cover or over any obstacle in the field or in the water.

As a puppy, raised in the home he was affectionate and an enthusiastic and respectful playmate with both older and younger housemates. He brought much joy to his homes with Marc and Jamie Patton and their family as well as his Co-owner Tyler Bellmore. Asher often exhibits a goofy and silly personality! Although he was raised in the home of a professional trainer Asher only received beginners obedience, never seeing a mark or a bird until July 2012; Asher has proven himself to be a very quick learner with an extreme amount of natural talent much like his sire. In 10 months of training he went from basic obedience to a Qualified All-Age Master Hunter and has qualified for the 2013 Master National which will be held in Kansas in September 2013.

Through his formal training, his enthusiasm remained the same whether he was doing pile work, double T, swim by, pattern blinds or complicated concept marks and blinds. Asher simply Loves to train and compete. His on the field desire is perfectly matched with his "off switch", this makes Asher an ideal dog to have around the kids, house, and other dogs. Marc Patton who was his trainer as well as owner remarked that "His desire coupled with his laser marking make him a retrieving machine. He remains totally focused on the task at hand, whether it be running blinds or pick up marks. These traits coupled with his handsome good looks, soft and sleek dark coat make him a very desirable boy."

One of Marc and Jamie Patton's major factors in selling him to Tierra and Sirena is the home atmosphere, the training style and expertise of Tierra and the fact that Asher would find his forever home with us. Asher is very much loved by his former owners and trainer and we keep in touch. They got a yellow male out of a breeding of Asher x Trinity's Goddess Of Magic (FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford HoF x CFC CAFC Grouse Of Drakes Bay) were are excited to see how far Deuce will go. He is a really light yellow like his dam and as cute and out going as his Dad. This is going to be a great boy for Marc and Jamie Patton!!!

Asher had earned his MH Title, Had Qualified for the 2013 Master National and was QAA at 26 Months of Age.

Asher, as of Septmeber 2013 has never failed a test completing 10 Master Hunter Tests in a row.

We have big plans for this boy including his Hunting Retriever Champion in the HRC and continued training for Field Trials and the Master National. Asher is extremely biddable and easy to train. He is a spectacular dog with a big future ahead of him.

Here is a photo of some of Asher's Relatives from Doc Tee's Retrievers courtesy of Dr. Terri Alexander DVM Owner and Operator - Asher's Breeder. She also sent me some magnificent photos of his mother Trek, his grandmother Kela and his Grandfather Mogh. You can view them by clicking on the dogs name in the pedigree below.

Doc Tee's Family Photo


Doc Tee’s Kern Son of Mogh MH – Asher’s uncle

Doc Tee’s Where No Dog Has Gone Before JH – Asher’s mom Trek

Doc Tee’s Key Lime Prize MH

Waterdogs Ebony Diva MH – Kela’s mother


Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - Asher

FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD x Doc Tee's Where No Dog Has Gone Before JH

Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - AsherDoc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - AsherDoc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - Asher

Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - AsherDoc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - AsherDoc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - AsherDoc Tee's Fire Down Below MH QAA - Asher

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