Molly Miranda Blackstone - Retired

(Dam of Lilli Houdini - Retired and Trinity's Lotta Miracles)

              The family because of our love for her namesake, Miranda Lynn, purchased Molly. Molly Miranda Blackstone was the first Labrador we ever bred, I bred Poodles before switching to Labs. She is a very feminine dog, and weighed on an average of 70 pounds. She is also the mother to Lilli Houdini and Trinity's Lotta Miracles.
          Molly is getting older but still acts as young as the puppies. Molly is the Dam of 4 litters of puppies, she has Search & Rescue, Bomb/Drug Detection, Service Dogs, Waterfowl & Upland Hunters and an offspring that works for the Coast Guard.  She is from a kennel that bred for the police department for scent tracking and K9 cop Labs.  Molly has an incredible sense of smell and can locate a bread crumb from a mile away. lol  Molly was an incredible mother and still takes on the mothering role with the litters, even if they are not related to her.  Molly lays on her belly and teaches them to play gently at tug of war or kill the stick, etc.
          Unlike Lilli, the escape artist of our kennel, Molly is perfectly content to stay in her crate or run, and is a remarkably well-behaved dog. She is also great with people of all ages, and we have never been a bit nervous about taking her to church functions or soccer games. She used to often acts as mascot for the soccer team. The babies like to climb all over her, and Molly enjoys it as much as they do.
          However, Molly's one unusual trait, and all dogs have an unusual trait, is her addiction to any bread product. We have had to hide all the bread in the house on top of cabinets to keep her from taking it, and even then it is only safe for a limited amount of time, as she can hear the bag open from three rooms away and watches to see where it is stored. We once stored the bread in a small cooler that had a push button latch. When we returned the cooler was in the middle of the living room and was well chewed up. This was especially amazing, as she was not even in the house when we hid the bread. She even managed to get a loaf of bred from the top of the refrigerator when she was almost 9 weeks pregnant; she delivered 11 pups 3 days later so she was rather huge at the time. Molly now enjoys a life of playing with pups and swimming in the pond.  She is enjoying retirement and being the matriarch of the kennel.  Everyone treats Molly as if she is their mother or grandmother and Molly babies everyone in return.

Molly's 5 Generation Pedigree

Molly's Printable 5 Generation Pedigree