SHR Trinity's Ticket to Glory - Glory


Glory was purchased as a puppy from us but left for puppy training through SHR. When the owner came into some money problems we bought her back. She was an 18 month old and we have not returned her to retriever training. Glory obtained her Started Hunting Retriever title in 4 straight passes when she was 10 months old. She is an extremely high drive female and very birdy. She is a smaller female weighing in at only 40 pounds. Glory has an extremely sweet personality and is very obedient no matter the situation. Glory's Health Clearances: OFA Hips Excellent LR-201772E25F-VPI, Elbows Normal LR-EL57623F25-VPI, Patella Normal LR-PA607/25F/P-VPI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA6343/25F/P-VPI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH619/25F-VPI, CERF LR-EYE1347/26F-VPI, CHIC 89932. She is EIC and CNM Clear. Glory while she was in training with us was called "Beast Glory" because of her extreme love of retrieving. She is an incredible marker and although small can work just as hard and long as the bigger dogs but at a faster speed. It is a shame that the people that bought her did not continue her training as she would have been a little beast in the field. Glory is an incredibly sweet girl and a great addition to our breeding program. She has the drive, the willingness to please and the intelligence. She has a couple of littermates that are HRCH with a couple of Master Hunter Passes and they are the pride of their owners. Glory is small and mighty. If you are looking for a small female this is definitely  a dam to look at as they make great boat dogs.

Glory is out of AFC Ten Bear's Road Trip QAA and Trinity's Foxy Mamasita (CFC CAFC Pachanga Road Trip x SHR Trinity's Sassy Senorita of Riverwood JH CGC TDI) Sassy is the dam of two QAA females one of whom has an Open 4th so far and our HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI with one Master National Pass. Injured During The Master National 2012 and unable to finish and unable to compete during the 2013 Season. His daughter HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH CGC Passed the 2012 Master National and we are looking forward to seeing both son and daughter compete in 2014.

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