Puppies whelped at Trinity Labradors carry a 30 Month genetic health guarantee. This covers any genetic problem, which prevents the puppy from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). This guarantee is good for the pups first 30 months of life, not 30 months after purchase. Before being bred, all of our animals have their hips, elbows, patella, eyes, heart, and thyroid certified, as well as being a non carrier of Centro-Nuclear Myopathy(CNM), and unaffected by Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC).

It is impossible to guarantee that a puppy will be completely free of genetic imperfections. In our breeding program, we only breed to dogs certified with an OFA rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT on their hips, and Eye rating of CLEAR. We try very hard to research the backgrounds of the sires and any litters they may have produced. Only then; when we are satisfied that these animals are sound, do we breed. We feel that by adhering to these standards, we are reducing the risk of producing a defective pup or litter. Therefore, we offer this guarantee, providing the purchaser complies with this agreement.

OFA will only certify dogs that have reached 24-months of age; they also perform non-certified preliminary evaluations beginning at 6-months of age. For this guarantee to be honored, the dog MUST be X-rayed and certified within six (6) months of reaching 24-months of age. In the case of females, we recommend that you do not certify within 2 months of their heat cycle, as the swelling produced by a natural estrus can sometimes affect the appearance of the joints on X-ray.

You MUST have your puppy's eyes examined and certified by a Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist within six (6) months of reaching 24-months of age. If a pup does not pass it's OFA for retinal folds a genetic test should be performed to determine if your dog carries RD/OSD, if your pup does not have Retinal Dysplasia associated with OSD then the copy of the genetic test along with the AVXO exam form can be submitted to the OFA board and a OFA certification will be issued. In order for our guarantee to apply both avenues must be exhausted. This alternate test is offered by Optigen Labs. In all but two breeds, the presence of folds is not a fault. In Labradors, when a physical exam reveals folds, it CAN be an indication that the dog carries the gene for Retinal Dysplasia or OculoSkeletal Dysplasia. If a dog is proven clear of that gene, OFA will issue a number for the animal.

If a problem should arise before the dog reaches the required ages stated herein, you MUST have OFA evaluate the X-rays and send you a copy of their findings, or a copy of the OFA evaluation from a Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist.

You MUST use the word Trinity in the dog's registered name (i.e., Trinity’s Lotta Faith, Trinity’s Ebony and Abby, etc.) Failure to do so voids this guarantee. Your Dog Must be registered with the AKC and be enrolled in the Companion Animal Recovery Program, this is a one time fee that is added at the time of registration and enrolls your pets microchip into the lost and found program.

Early Spay & Neuter have been found to negatively impact the development of joints, immune system, etc. Any pup that has been spayed or neutered before the age of 18 Months WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER OUR GUARANTEE. This is because as dogs develop, the production of hormones in adolescence is important to joint development. It is highly recommended that you not alter your pet until your veterinarian determines they are fully mature, which may be later than 18 months. Typically, 18 months is sufficient for females, but it is not unusual for a male to still be filling out until age three or four. I highly recommend that males if altered have a vasectomy versus Gonad removal and females have uterus removed but leave the ovaries for hormones because cancer of many types have been found to be increased in altered versus unaltered dogs and bitches. 

When the following requirements are met, this GUARANTEE will be in effect and honored by TRINITY LABRADORS.

1.        A copy of the findings from OFA or CERF MUST be sent to us for our records. The OFA shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia (may do Penn Hip for second opinion) and the OFA shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects, subject to the findings of OptiGen regarding RD/OSD, and/or prcdPRA findings.

2.        THE DOG MUST NOT HAVE BEEN BRED OR SOLD. (Breeding or selling of dog before CERF & OFA certification makes this guarantee NULL and VOID)

3.        A letter from your vet, identifying the microchip of the dog and or permanent tattoo, and that it has been NEUTERED or SPAYED. 

4.        MICRO-CHIP NUMBERS MUST APPEAR ON ALL DOCUMENTS OF CERTIFICATION - i.e. Your dog must have VPI standing. (Veterinarian Verified Permanent Identification)

In the event that OFA finds the dog can’t be certified there are four options:

1.        You may keep the dog and receive half of the purchase price back after proof the dog has been spayed or neutered - preferably vasectomy on males versus gonad removal and uterus removal while retaining the ovaries on females for many health reasons.

2.        You may return the dog after having it spayed or neutered for a refund of half the purchase price. - preferably vasectomy on males versus gonad removal and uterus removal while retaining the ovaries on females for many health reasons.

3.        The dog may be euthanized for a full refund.

4.        You may receive a credit in the amount of the purchase price toward the purchase of another puppy. Any cost over the purchase price of your puppy is your responsibility.  










All pups come with a 30 day general health guarantee. This guarantee is good for the first 30 days after the pup leaves Trinity Labradors, and will apply only if the original owner(s) are still in care and possession of the pup.  The guarantee is contingent upon a continuation of the vaccination schedule, started at Trinity Labradors, administered by a veterinarian.  (The schedule will vary from litter to litter and will be given to the new owners before or when the pup leaves Trinity Labradors pup.) If your pup has any health issues at all do not vaccinate until it is cleared up. Do not give rabies vaccine at the same time as other vaccinations. Please, check with your vet on the benefits versus the risks of administering Lyme vaccine in your area this vaccine should never be given at the same time as other vaccinations If using ProHeart shots they should never be given at the same time as vaccinations and never before the age of 16 weeks.  Adequate housing, food, and fresh water must be provided and you must administer a monthly heartworm preventative ; Such as Interceptor, HeartGuard Plus, ProHeart etc.…).    The animal must be confined to a fenced yard, Retriever’s run, or walked on a leash, and are not tied out on a rope or chain   Microchip must be registered with AKC Companion Animal Recovery Service as I use the AKC microchip the one time enrollment fee is all the cost you will ever have and it is the type for international travel with your pet.  You must have your pup examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 Hours of leaving our facility in order for this to be in effect. Do not vaccinate your pup on this visit as vaccinations after removal from their litter can be stressful and your pup should be completely healthy when receiving vaccinations and unstressed



We do NOT cover Giardia and/or Coccidia. These are intestinal parasites that occur naturally in the soil all over the country. Your puppy can pick these up from drinking out of a puddle, walking in mud and licking his paws, etc. This is treated with Metronidazole, Panacur, and putting canned pumpkin on the food. You may not see any symptoms, or may see some loose stools with a small amount of blood.

Notify Trinity Labradors if the pup is found by a veterinarian to be of unsatisfactory health, once written documentation of the condition is presented, and AKC papers are returned to Trinity Labs a replacement puppy will be made available from the next available litter. (740) 988-4745 or melody@trinitylabs.net

It is understood that the above warranties are expressly regarding congenital, hereditary defects and any physical injury to the dog voids this guarantee.  Also, no dog will be replaced if it has been bred or transferred.  Owner is to notify breeder of any change of address and/or phone numbers.

Should there be any litigation regarding this guarantee, Buyer agrees to be subject to the laws of the State of Ohio. The venue for any and all disputes shall be in Jackson County Ohio.

Thank you for the trust in Trinity Labrador Retrievers. We strive to make it a trust we earn. We are available for the lifetime of your baby and beyond.



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